Hunting for a Delicious Wife Chapter 42 (End Book 1)

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Chapter 42

“There was no need to trouble yourself in going there. So what was it?”

She took out the pair of glasses from her bag, but kept the ear-piece receivers hidden from him. “Here, is this yours? I’ve never seen you wear it before, and was thinking if there was a mistake?”

Zhong Zhen Dong saw the glasses and raised his eyebrows. He remembered something, and then very naturally took it and smiled. “That’s right, it’s mine.”

Tang Xin Lian still had her head down, but was still shaken because of his words.

He said it was his! He didn’t deny it! This was obviously left behind by some other man, but he said it was his. This meant that he had someone place the security camera in her apartment… He was monitoring her?

“There was only this pair of glasses? Is there anything else?”

“No… I’m tired, I want to go rest.”

Zhong Zhen Dong figured the receivers were probably lost, so he didn’t pay any attention to it.

“My little darling was startled today, come, let me properly give you some love.”

His so-called ‘love’ was kissing her, but she was unable to accept it right now. She had successfully kept him in the dark, not letting him see anything unusual, but that didn’t mean she could keep it hidden forever. Once he found out, she wouldn’t be able to escape, thus, she hurriedly buried her face in his chest.

“I want to drink tofu-egg drop soup, can you go make it for me?”

She rarely acted spoiled, so her request caused Zhong Zhen Dong’s eyes to shine.

Ever since the little white rabbit followed him, he’d never seen her act like a spoiled child. In many of the situations, he had to coax, kidnap, and lie, to make her do something. For example, moving into a new house, and letting the little rascal transfer schools.

Even though they were intimate, she never changed. In most cases, she wanted to rely on herself. Could it be that she didn’t know he already knew about her secretly looking for a job?

Her acting spoiled meant that she’d become more dependent on him, so he naturally didn’t refuse. Moreover, making egg drop soup was a simple matter. Even though his cooking skills weren’t on par with other people, it wasn’t so hard, so he consented to the request.

Taking advantage of him going to the kitchen to prepare the soup, she seized the chance to separate herself from his embrace and went to the bathroom to wash her face. Taking a deep breath, she started to mentally prepare herself.

After Zhong Zhen Dong finished making the soup, she obediently sat in the dining room, clasped the bowl, and lowered her head to slowly drink it.

Zhong Zhen Dong hugged her and sighed. “Why are you so timid? I won’t be here the next few days, so what are you going to do all alone?”

Hearing this, it seemed like he was going far away. Her heart was overjoyed as she carefully lowered her head.

“It would be strange if I wasn’t startled after seeing someone die right in front of me… I’m tired. I want to go rest. Maybe after a nap, I’ll be more lively.”

Because she didn’t seem lively the whole time and looked like she needed the rest, Zhong Zhen Dong gave up the idea of eating her and stopped touching her. This caused her to rejoice at having escaped a calamity. After that, he really did have plans to leave the country. He told her he had to board a plane tomorrow.

She buried her face into his chest to conceal her happiness, and proceeded to tell him that he had to take care of himself so she wouldn’t worry.

This soft tone she used made him feel really happy. At night, she deliberately stuck to her son. As long as she was sleeping with her son, Zhong Zhen Dong was unlikely to touch her.

Luckily, he didn’t prevent her from doing so, and only looked at her with a gloomy expression.

“I’m leaving tomorrow, aren’t you going to sleep with your husband?”

She didn’t dare refuse his request, so she could only pretend to happily say, “Then how about the three of us sleep together?”

Like she expected, this suggestion caused his interest to dwindle. In the end, he declined, but she still couldn’t fall asleep. Her brain was thinking of ways to run away.

Enduring until the next day, she pretended to be reluctant to part with him. After Zhong Zhen Dong left, she continued pretending because she didn’t know if there were any surveillance cameras in the house. Just in case, she had to be cautious and vigilant.

She suspected the chauffeur Zhong Zhen Dong left behind was there to monitor her, so she casually sat in the car with her son to go to school. As usual, she let the driver take her to buy groceries as well.

On Saturday, she helped her son prepare a simple luggage and asked the driver to take them to a classmate’s house. She said that she arranged with the classmate’s family to attend a 2-day, 1-night vacation. She then asked the driver to pick them up on Monday.

The driver didn’t suspect anything, and after watching the mother and son arrive at the door, he left.

After waiting for the chauffeur to leave, Tang Xin Lian immediately grabbed her son and called a cab to go straight to the airport. She bought the tickets and they got on a plane, escaping to America – –

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Hunting for a Delicious Wife Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

“Wait, you said my man? Whom are you referring to?” She couldn’t believe her ears, and suspected that this was a misunderstanding. The person Yuan Jun Hao was talking about couldn’t be Zhong Zhen Dong right? It was possible that it was someone else…

“It’s that man who claimed to be your husband.”

“You’re lying, I don’t believe you.”

“I know you don’t believe it, but Xin Lian, from the beginning, it’s been me who let you down. If it was me who did the bad things, I would admit it, but if it’s something I didn’t do, I also wouldn’t accuse people wrongly. Towards the end, it was him that forced me to threaten you. I think he did this so you would cry to him for help. If it were me, I would also do it this way. Xin Lian, in regards to this matter, I can swear my life on it. If I’m lying to you, then let a car run me over!”

Yuan Jun Hao said it resolutely and decisively, giving his oath without the slightest hesitation. Even if Tang Xin Lian didn’t believe him, she understood that Yuan Jun Hao was a selfish person who would never swear using his life unless it was true.

She stared blankly at the kneeling man, not believing her own ears. Zhong Zhen Dong was capable of breaking the limbs of a Taekwondo master?

If Yuan Jun Hao wasn’t lying, then the person who was lying was – –

She didn’t want to continue this line of thought because Yuan Jun Hao was right about one thing, she indeed couldn’t endure Yuan Jun Hao’s threats over the phone, and therefore asked Zhong Zhen Dong for help. Yuan Jun Hao also said that the threatening phone calls were because of Zhong Zhen Dong.

Thinking up to this point, she felt a cold chill creep upwards from her toes. She also thought about how the security guard quit his job, and the frightened Mr. Zhang…

Could it be she was blind-sighted once again, provoking a person who shouldn’t be provoked?

The gentle Zhong Zhen Dong was capable of seriously injuring Yuan Jun Hao. Didn’t that mean he was more powerful than Yuan Jun Hao?

Could it be that in front of her, he was pretending all along?

She ran as she left the park. Yuan Jun Hao’s begging expression had scared her. If Yuan Jun Hao was that scared, then how could a weak woman like her not be scared?

She prayed she guessed wrong and hoped this was all a mistake.

She already suffered enough due to Yuan Jun Hao, she couldn’t bear it if there was another two-faced person beside her.

While she was scared and all alone, someone silently approached her and embraced her.

“My little white rabbit, what are you thinking about?”

A familiar, enchanting voice sounded near her ear. It was the usual sweet speech and honeyed words coming from Zhong Zhen Dong.

Tang Xin Lian’s whole body became rigid. Currently, the person she didn’t want to see the most was Zhong Zhen Dong, because she still hadn’t mentally prepared herself. She was afraid that he would sense her strangeness.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look like you’re frightened?”

“Do…Do I?”

“You’re trembling? Why is your hand so cold? Your smile also looks forced. Come, tell me what made you scared.”

His brows furrowed. He hugged her tighter and pressed her closely against his chest.

For Tang Xin Lian, this hug right now was undoubtedly like a scary cage, but she told herself she couldn’t be frantic, she had to be calm. Even though she was extremely afraid, she had to remain strong for her son.

She suddenly had a bright idea. Since she couldn’t hide it from him, she should just play along.

“Yes, I’m scared… I originally didn’t want to let you worry…”

“Silly, I told you I’d protect you, so tell me what’s making you scared.”

Probably because she ran into so many bad men, she acquired a set of skills and perfected her responses.

“While I was coming back, I saw a car crash…”

Hearing this, Zhong Zhen Dong was silent for a moment, and then bursted into laughter.

She angrily said, “Don’t laugh, it was really scary. That person lost a lot of blood.”

“Okay okay, I know it’s very scary, my poor, innocent, little baby.”

It looked like he was satisfied, so she secretly rejoiced.

“I’m fine, it’s just that the image was too shocking, and I’m afraid of blood.”

“Who told you to not take the chauffeur when you went out? Didn’t I tell you to ask the driver to take you to places if you want to go out?”

Tang Xin Lian had a scary thought. He even knew she didn’t take the chauffeur, could it be that the driver was his spy, reporting back to Zhong Zhen Dong her daily whereabouts?

“I won’t do it again. Next time, I’ll listen to you and let the chauffeur drive me.”

“Now you’re being obedient. Oh, that’s right, where did you go today?”

Her heart skipped a beat as she decided to test him.

“I went back to my previous apartment.”

“Why’d you go back?”

“The landlord lady told me you forgot something, so I went to help you get it.” When she said those words, she had her head down to prevent him from suspecting something was wrong.

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Hunting for a Delicious Wife Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

After hearing this, a storm brewed in Tang Xin Lian’s heart. On the surface however, she was calm as she listened to the landlord lady talk incessantly about how these security cameras were extremely advanced.

Tang Xin Lian felt her heart beat frantically. How did these things end up in her apartment? Who would install a surveillance camera in her home? She carefully looked over the details.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she had seen these eyeglasses before…

Seeing that Tang Xin Lian’s complexion wasn’t good, the landlord became aware of the situation and kindly advised, “You guys have to be careful. Could it be a stranger installed it?”

Tang Xin Lian thought about Yuan Jun Hao, but then she felt it wasn’t right. Yuan Jun Hao didn’t have these eyeglasses on that day, so who could it be?

Her mind suddenly flashed Lin Yu Fan’s figure. That’s right! That guy always had these glasses on when he visited her. He was Zhong Zhen Dong’s friend, but could it be possible that… Tang Xin Lian’s heart palpitated as she started to feel restless.

After she thanked the landlord lady, Tang Xin Lian put the eyeglasses into her bag and bid farewell to the landlord. She walked away from the apartment building with a heavy heart. As the elevator doors opened, the man inside saw her and immediately paled. He stepped back two steps but then exited the elevator, avoiding her like she was a ghost.

She couldn’t help thinking it was strange. This guy was Mr. Zhang, who used to always like harassing her, frequently stopping her for a conversation or finding an excuse to get close to her. She didn’t understand why when he saw her, it was like he saw an evil monster.

“What happened to you?”

Mr. Zhang quickly put up his hands. “I didn’t bother you at all, so please don’t cause trouble for me. Get away from me, don’t come closer!”

“Cause trouble for you? Why would I?” She became suspicious. She’d always been a friendly neighbor and never harmed others.

“I can’t be within 5 meters of you, or else that person will make me die miserably.” After Mr. Zhang finished speaking, he quickly turned around and fled.

Tang Xin Lian immediately chased after him and grabbed the corner of his jacket. “Wait, explain it more clearly. Who will make you die miserably?”

“Wahh – – Don’t touch me!” Mr. Zhang’s intense fear caused her to quickly let go.

“S…Sorry.” She apologized, even though she didn’t know what she did to stir him up.

Just as she finished apologizing, Mr. Zhang had already run away to his room, leaving Tang Xin Lin flabbergasted.

The more she thought about it, the more suspicious she became. First there was a security camera found in her house, and then there was Mr. Zhang’s abnormal fear towards her. These matters made her feel extremely uneasy.

As she was walking out of the apartment building, a person politely greeted her.


Tang Xin Lian turned around to see the security guard talking to her. She also courteously greeted him in return and wanted to leave, but before she did, she thought of something and turned around.

“Excuse me, why did the previous security guard resign?”

“I’m not too sure, are you looking for him? Do you want me to take you to the company to ask?”

She thought for a moment and then shook her head. “No need, I was just randomly asking. Thank you.”

As she walked away, she thought back to the leering security guard and how not long after Zhong Zhen Dong arrived, the guard suddenly quit. But so what?

She couldn’t help but shake her head and laugh at herself for thinking too much. How could she think that the guard’s retirement had something to do with Zhong Zhen Dong?

She walked passed the park and towards the main road. Halfway there, a person abruptly came out from behind a tree to block her way. Once she saw the other party, Tang Xin Lian was scared witless, because the person in front of her was Yuan Jun Hao. However, she was stunned.

The Yuan Jun Hao currently in front of her was almost unrecognizable. His right hand was fastened in a sling hanging from his neck, and his right foot was in a cast. He also had a single crutch supporting him.

There were bags under his eyes and his beard hadn’t been shaven in days. He looked extremely worn out, as if there was some kind of accident. It had only been a while since she last saw him and he had become like this.

“What do you want?” She calmly asked.

Against her expectations, Yuan Jun Hao suddenly knelt down, but because one of his legs was in a cast, his kneeling was crooked. However, his entire action nevertheless startled her.

“What are you doing?!” She hurriedly retreated a few steps as she stared at him in astonishment.

“Xin Lian, I’m sorry, I was wrong. In the past, I treated you badly. I beat you, threatened you, and tormented you. I deserve to die! But that was because I really loved you. Can you forgive me?”

Tang Xin Lian was shocked and speechless. She couldn’t believe that the immoral Yuan Jun Hao would kneel and beg for forgiveness. She suddenly recalled Mr. Zhang’s reaction and how he was similarly scared of her. And adding to that, how the security guard resigned, it was all very unusual.

“Why are you apologizing to me? In the past, you never apologized. Why are you so afraid?” This wasn’t like the previous Yuan Jun Hao. Everything that happened today was too weird. She felt that she had to figure it out, so she endured the impulse to run away. Maybe Yuan Jun Hao could give her the answer.

Yuan Jun Hao raised his head, his eyes filled with pain and dread. “Xin Lian, I know I did a lot of things wrong in the past, causing you to be scared and therefore hid from me for so long, but let me tell you, your man is even scarier. He broke my hand and leg, causing me to lose my job and my house. He also had people threaten me so I would intimidate you over the phone. He used me to deceive you. Xin Lian, you have to be careful.”

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Hunting for a Delicious Wife Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

He suddenly laughed without restraint, causing her to glare at him. “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing because you know too little about sex, this isn’t even considered lewd.”

Genuine obscenity was beast-like and without moral limits, it was completely beyond most people’s imaginations. It was a different world that permeated money, power, and violence. He’s seen it before.

He suddenly lifted her, which startled her. While she was confused about what he was doing, he already placed her on top of the kitchen island.

“What are you doing?” She nervously asked.

“You’ve never met a good partner, but meeting me can be considered lucky. I’ll teach you, let you enjoy the real pleasure of intimacy between couples, until you become addicted and fall in love with this type of feeling.”

“Ah – – I don’t want to – – Don’t be like this – -“

She panicked; he really wanted to have her in the kitchen? In regards to this high-class kitchen island, it must’ve cost over a million dollars. She originally could only see it in Western food programs, and the part of her that liked cooking often dreamed of having this big a kitchen of her own.

She didn’t think that one day, she would be the food that a man placed on top of the table. Her wrists were held firmly by him with one hand, and set above her head. His body pressed down on her while his other hand was on her thigh, moving upwards and pushing her skirt higher.

“Relax yourself, don’t treat sex as a sin. Trust me, give yourself to me, I promise you’ll feel good, come…” His bewitching voice was very alluring, carrying a gentle hypnotic affect.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Zhong Zhen Dong’s desire for her was like eating three meals a day.

He wanted it in the morning and at night. In the morning, he’d watch her like a wolf watching a little white rabbit. Yes, he really treated her as if she was a little white rabbit. He always said, “You’re my exclusive little white rabbit.”

Even when it was bedtime, in the midst of the darkness, she could see Zhong Zhen Dong staring at her with a burning glint.

This man’s appetite was really too big, and he had a lot of tricks; this was undeniable. She would reach a state of extreme bliss every time, as he let her experience the true taste of sex.

She was a person who was slow at warming up to people, but under his training, she became more and more sensitive, more and more lascivious.

Every time she recalled those moments, Tang Xin Lian struggled between desire and sin. Her personality was conservative, but her body didn’t listen to her and was always unable to escape his teasing.

This man wanted her anytime and anywhere; bathroom, kitchen, living room, balcony, even in the car.

If this continued, she would be eaten by him until not even her bones were left. He persuaded her every time. Although he said he wouldn’t force her, he would kiss her until she was disoriented, and then take advantage of her. Her lower body continuously ached without getting better.

Even laborers had vacation days! But her protests were unsuccessful, so she could only stick to her son and use him as a shield. For a few nights, she slept with her son, which prevented Zhong Zhen Dong from touching her.

She didn’t know that the reason he didn’t touch her, was because he was willing to let her off. He felt bad that the little white rabbit had dark circles under her eyes, and that her complexion was bleak too. He didn’t want to deplete the little white rabbit, so he resolved to temporarily release her and let her mend her body; because it was only when fattened that one came to slaughter.

Additionally, he was also busy and needed to be alone in a room to chat with others. It had to do with what Lin Yu Fan asked him to do last time, so he had to get in touch with a few people to explain some matters.

Seeing Zhong Zhen Dong preoccupied with something else, she finally let out a breath of relief.

Although she had food, a place to stay, and didn’t have to worry about not having enough money, Tang Xin Lian still wanted to find a new job. Didn’t the experts on television always advise women to be independent economically? So even though Zhong Zhen Dong was wealthy, she didn’t want to rely on him her whole life.

She didn’t plan on informing Zhong Zhen Dong that she was looking for a job because according to her intuition, he would definitely oppose it, so she could only do it in private.

As she was looking for a job, she received a call from her previous landlord, telling her that she forgot some things at the apartment and to come get it when she had time.

She was already outside, but she hesitated over whether or not she should go back to her old apartment alone. She was reminded that she couldn’t always depend on Zhong Zhen Dong for everything. Moreover, it was broad daylight, so she should be safe. That’s why she decided to take a bus there.

The items the landlord gave her were a pair of glasses and something metal. These things were unfamiliar to her, and when she was thinking if it belonged to Zhong Zhen Dong, the landlord curiously asked, “Is your husband a private investigator?”

“Huh?” She was dumbfounded.

“I know, if he isn’t a private investigator, then he should be in this type of science and technology field. I am also a professional. In the past, I ran a shop. I’ve seen this kind of monitoring equipment before.”

Tang Xin Lian was completely shocked.

“Monitoring equipment? This isn’t a pair of glasses?”

“Yes, the lenses of these glasses are cameras, and this small metal is a receiver.”

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Hunting for a Delicious Wife Chapter 38

Chapter 38

With a new home, Tang Xin Lian and her son were happy.

This residential building was very well guarded, so they didn’t have to worry about someone breaking in. This 200-square meter mansion that had 4 rooms, had everything someone needed. The furniture was already placed, and the only thing necessary was to move in some clothes.

Zhong Zhen Dong suggested letting Cheng Cheng transfer to the school in this neighborhood because it was nearby. Tang Xin Lian already decided early on to let her son transfer schools, and after listening to his suggestion, she consented without the slightest hesitation.

In addition, Zhong Zhen Dong gave her a credit card for her use, and also arranged a personal chauffeur for her. With a chauffeur, she didn’t have to ride a bus or subway when she left the house.

The mother and son pair began their new life. This morning, she came back carrying a bag of fresh vegetables and meat, which she just purchased from the food market.

She placed the bag on the dining table and was just about to sort it out when a person approached from behind her and stuck to her body. Two familiar hands embraced her waist.

“Where’d you go?” Zhong Zhen Dong’s chin rested on her shoulder, his voice husky from having just woken up.

“To buy groceries.”

“Doesn’t this neighborhood have a supermarket? Why tire yourself out and go all the way to a conventional supermarket?”

“That supermarket is too expensive.”

“What are you afraid of? I’ll pay for it.”

“I know you’re magnanimous, but if we can save in some areas, then we should save a little. Moreover, conventional supermarkets have fresher groceries and a larger variety – -” She looked distracted for a moment, and then turned to ask him, “How did you know I went to a conventional marketplace?”

“Isn’t that easy? The groceries you bought aren’t packaged with the supermarket logo. Only conventional supermarkets use these kinds of plastic bags.”

So it was like that. She didn’t think he would pay attention to these small details.

“I got you a driver, why didn’t you take the car?”

“I’m not used to it. It’s just buying some groceries, having another person carry it is strange.” After all, she wasn’t an upper-class woman. She was accustomed to a simple life, and wanted to keep her habit of walking to the supermarket alone.

“This won’t do, letting you leave the house alone. What if you ran into a pervert? Next time, take the car okay?” Although his tone was gentle, it contained a trace of aggressiveness.

Ever since she stayed at his house, she felt his desires for her had become stronger. Not only did he like to help her shower, he also cared about where she went and what she did.

“Do you have a tendency to be controlling?” She looked at him suspiciously. He immediately smiled to reassure her, and even acted a little coquettishly towards her.

“You’re thinking too much, I’m just worried about you, afraid you’ll get bullied by someone again.”

“We’ve already moved away from the old neighborhood, and I also don’t have a job to go to. Staying home everyday in this high-class house, it’s very difficult to see neighbors. Who would bully me? It’s good enough if you don’t bully me.”

“If I don’t bully you, who would I bully?” He deviously said next to her ear, both hands misbehavedly fondling her body, even reaching underneath her clothes.

“Don’t be like this, I’m busy.” She softly reprimanded as she swatted his hand away and continued to tidy up the ingredients.

But someone was unwilling to give up, and used both his hands to climb up her body like a caterpillar. His mouth also moved closer to suck and nip her neck, forcing her to turn her body around so she could reach out to stop his lips. She snapped, “Don’t mess around, this is the kitchen.”

“You know, doing it in the kitchen also has a special kind of appeal.”

Alarm bells rang in her heart. It couldn’t be that he could also be in heat while in the kitchen?

“Are you okay? I didn’t expose my chest or my leg, just came back from buying groceries. I look as disheveled as a servant, and you can still eat? Let’s not talk about the bathroom!” She protested.

“Humph. I served you so well last time in the bathroom. You obviously reached your peak, but from then on, you bite the hand that fed and locked yourself in the bathroom while you take a shower, even using a cabinet to block the door.”

After he successfully tantalized her, he thought the little white rabbit would definitely like it. But her response was to never be in the bathroom alone with him.

“You know I block the door with the cabinet, so don’t use your devious mind to unlock it.” She panted with rage as she glared at him.

Zhong Zhen Dong’s expression quickly turned downcast, his eyes ladened with grief as he looked at her. He gently removed her hand that covered his mouth and dejectedly said, “Do you not like me touching you?”

“I… That’s not what I mean…”

“Then what do you mean?”

Looking at his wounded expression from having been rejected, it looked like his male pride had suffered a large blow, which caused her to become softhearted. The thing she couldn’t bear to see the most in the world was other people feeling hurt.

“I’m just… a little more conservative towards these things. If it must be done, then it has to be done at night with the lights closed, or else… I’ll feel embarrassed.”

“So it’s like that. Silly, lovemaking is a kind of interest, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. It’s like a spice in life. Just like eating, sometimes an intense, lavish meal is needed after getting accustomed to light, home cooked meals.”

“That’s too barbaric…” She said, as she nibbled her lip.

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Hunting for a Delicious Wife Chapter 37

Slightly NWFW ~ (Wondering if this is going to be a usual thing now lol)
I thought it was pretty sweet chapter 🙂 Enjoy ! 

Chapter 37

“I’m showering right now, you… you can’t come in – -“

“Why not? Let’s shower together.” Not letting her have a chance to refuse, he very effortlessly held her waist with one hand, and held the shower-head with the other to rinse both their bodies.

Although they’ve already done it, the fact remained that she wasn’t used to showering with another person, especially a male.

“I’m already done showering, so you can take your time here.” She wanted to leave, but the hand at her waist pulled her back.

“Haven’t you heard that a husband and wife showering together is a kind of hobby? It can enhance feelings for one another.”

“I’m not your wife.”

“Originally who was it that requested to be a married couple? Calling me husband for so long, now you don’t want to take responsibility? You should be punished. Yes, let’s just punish you to take a shower.”

Quibbling back and forth, he just wanted to help her bathe.

Tang Xin Lian couldn’t dissuade him, so she could only follow along. Still, she didn’t know that helping her bathe was part of Zhong Zhen Dong’s plan to tantalize her, to try to spark her desire.

Actually, in this aspect, he was a man who was an expert at controlling desires. He didn’t permit her to be too apathetic, nor did he allow her to pretend.

He knew that women put on a show in bed. They pretended to be subdued by letting out a fake moan, and feigned a quick release so it would make the male hurry up and finish, or they would use it as a pretext to curry favor with the man.

Although he knew he was skilled, he never cared about whether the woman underneath him was pretending or not. But now that his partner was this little white rabbit, he cared about it.

The more he thought about it, the more restless he became. How could the little white rabbit be so cold to him? He wasn’t like those inferior men she met in her past. After they finished, she would want to rinse off. He wanted her to understand one thing, which was that he wasn’t the same. He was Zhong Zhen Dong.

His arm circled around her while his other hand pressed some body wash onto his palm. He started to apply it on her body, from her neck slowly downward, drawing small circles as he went.

Rather than saying he was helping her apply soap, it would be better to say he was gently caressing and stroking her. At the beginning, she could still follow along with him, but when his hand suddenly touched the region between her legs, she cried out softly, hurriedly reaching out to block him.


“Be obedient and let go.”

“I’m not used to being washed by another person.”

“Habits can change.” His voice was tender as he smiled. Yet he very firmly, lightly bit her earlobe. “Relax your body, I will very softly, very gently – -“


Under Zhong Zhen Dong’s arrangements, Tang Xin Lian and her son moved into a new house.

This house was precisely the one Zhong Zhen Dong previously requested from Lin Yu Fan. The venue was situated in the most expensive district. When Tang Xin Lian and her son saw the new house, they were completely dumbstruck.

Seeing the new house, Cheng Cheng yelled with excitement. Even though a house that was 200-square meters wasn’t considered rare, but for them, it was still very extravagant.

Cheng Cheng curiously ran around the house, exploring everywhere. Zhong Zhen Dong followed along beside the little white rabbit, smiling at her subtle expressions.

“This is your house?” She asked in awe.

“Yes.” He smiled.

She looked at him blankly, like it was the first time she met him.

“You’re very wealthy?”

“Yes.” He knew that her definition of “wealthy” was different than his, but he wasn’t going to let her know just how rich he was for fear of scaring her away.

After she was finished being stunned, her face involuntarily became gloomy as she gave him a look.

“So it turns out I was blind and failed to recognize someone so outstanding. The person I hired is a millionaire, and I overestimated myself in wanting to pay that person a salary.”

Her soft ridicule amused him. He raised her hand, and with their fingers intertwined, kissed it.

“You look really cute when you’re holding a grudge. It’s okay, you have plenty of opportunities to take revenge against me.”

Revenge? As if she wanted that. If that moment came, the person who would lose would definitely be her. Even up until now, she was still aching down below. Every night, this man would demand and not know the limits. She never knew he had such a big appetite.

The more she interacted with this man, the more she discovered he was different than how she pictured. The first time she met him, she thought he was a gentle, refined man with manners. The conclusion was that he pretended to be gay and deceived her.

When she considered him a pervert that harbored unlawful thoughts towards her, he saved her and her son from the clutches of Yuan Jun Hao and treated her lovingly.

Now that she’s with him, she found out that he wasn’t the typical office worker, but rather a very wealthy millionaire. Although he was clearly like a gentleman, but when it came to sex, he enjoyed it and never tired of it. Furthermore, he had lots of sinister ideas.

“What other secrets do you have that I don’t know about?” She half jokingly asked.

He softly whispered next to her ear, “There’s still a lot. I’ll let you know tonight after getting in bed.” He deliberately added a heavy, ambiguous tone.

Once she thought of his activeness in bed, her face reddened. She rolled her eyes. That’s right, there was something that stayed the same, his smooth talk.

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Hunting for a Delicious Wife Chapter 36

m(。≧ _ ≦。)m     Sorry for the late update, had an essay due and this chapter was a little more lengthy. Spoiler alert which you can infer from my slightly NSFW (not safe for work) warning… (Just a little bit of language and strong hints in the following chapter)
Enjoy ! ヾ(。・ω・)シ

Chapter 36

Actually, there was no point in continuing to blush. Since she already made her decision, she should follow through with it in good faith. She didn’t want to receive someone’s good will and return it with excuses, thereby preventing the other party from benefiting. Furthermore, Zhong Zhen Dong treated her and her son really well. He wasn’t troublesome like other men, and he helped solve her problems as well.

Becoming his woman, she definitely wouldn’t lose out.

Zhong Zhen Dong stared straight at her with unhidden, lust filled eyes. He was waiting for her to take the initiative to display some sincerity.

Being watched by him, she shied away and uncomfortably lowered her eyes while also biting her lower lip. After a bit of hesitation, she brought her face closer to his and kissed him on the cheek.

“Only the cheek?”

She glanced at him, her cheeks became redder. This time, she lightly kissed him on the lips.

Although he was deliberately teasing her, trying to make her take the initiative, this moment of “not hot yet not cold” caused him to be anxious to death. It was only lip-to-lip contact, but how could that satisfy his accumulated desire?

He immediately took control. Supporting the back of her head, he pressed his lips against her delicious lips. He forced open her mouth and slid his fiery tongue in to attack her soft tongue. He passionately lured her, using his excellent techniques to kiss her. He slowly nibbled, and gradually besieged and plundered.


Unless he was the one who wanted to quickly end it, he was in control most of the time. He didn’t think that during his first time with her, he would unexpectedly get too comfortable and excited, causing him to discharge too quickly. This seriously ruined his gallant image.

As a result of not being satisfied the first time, he quickly hardened again. In order to prove he didn’t have a premature ejaculation, he specially prolonged the duration a bit during the second time he had her.

Actually, he was thinking too much into it. His little white rabbit simply didn’t care whether or not he lasted long. She only closed her eyes and coordinated with him, hoping it would pass quickly, like getting bitten.

Because the little white rabbit already quit her job, after she sent the little rascal to school everyday, he had even more time to eat her and enjoy himself.

Within these three days, he was like an insatiable demon starving to death. He only wanted to eat her. After he sufficiently quelled his lust, he gradually noticed something.

Although the little white rabbit was cooperating with him, her reaction wasn’t enthusiastic at all. Every time they finished, her face wasn’t flushed with passion.

Her indifference made him realize that she wasn’t enjoying it. For her, it was just coordinating with a man to make love.

“I want to go rinse off.” She said. In addition, she reached out to lightly push him because he was still on top of her.

Once he moved his body away, the little white rabbit immediately got off the bed, picked up the clothes from the floor to cover herself, and walked to the bathroom.

Zhong Zhen Dong’s eyes followed her as she walked into the bathroom. For him, her taste was first-rate. Her body caused people to drown in ecstasy. The only problem was her response. Now that he thought back on it, he discovered that it seemed as if it was only him that felt pleasure. She always had her eyes closed and brows wrinkled, not making a sound.

Not only that, but after they finished, she was also different from other women, who would’ve wanted to continue being affectionate within the arms of the man, or to be coddled and bask in the residual afterglow of warmth.

After they were done, she would always request to take a shower, like she was only fulfilling an obligation and just finishing a task.

Zhong Zhen Dong reclined halfway on the bed and placed both his arms behind his head. A knot formed between his eyebrows as his eyes were fixed in the direction of the bathroom.

Although he got her, he wasn’t satisfied with just having her. Besides sating his lust, he wanted to see the appearance she would have with her body underneath his, burning with desire and unable to free herself from it.

It suddenly occurred to him that the little white rabbit once said that men were the most troublesome animals in this world. She disliked men, and didn’t plan on marrying in this lifetime.

During that short period when they lived together, his charm didn’t affect her at all. She’d seen his strong, sexy body, and was still not interested. Now that he thought about it, the reason why the little white rabbit was disgusted with men was not only because of perverts harassing her but also because of the situation with Yuan Jun Hao. Perhaps this made her completely give up on men.

How could it end this way? What he wanted was not just a beautiful body that was an empty shell; a person who was indifferent to his gentle caresses and kisses. It seemed like he had to properly instruct her from the beginning.

Having thought to this point, his brows smoothed out and his lips hooked into an evil smile.

In the bathroom, Tang Xin Lian was completely unaware of Zhong Zhen Dong’s current intentions. Every time they finished, she would just want to quickly wash off the sticky sweat on her body.

The water flowed, pouring over her body. It washed away the sweat, but it couldn’t wash away the love bites on her body.

In these past two years, she didn’t date nor have any relations with men. She only wanted to be a good mother, and live a simple, happy life with her son.

When she made love with Zhong Zhen Dong, although she didn’t reject it, she also didn’t enjoy it. She considered this matter just a man one-sidedly being happy, while the woman only cooperated.

If he was willing to take care of and protect her and her son, she was also willing to satisfy his desires in return. If she could go back to those average and peaceful days again, then this situation wasn’t that bad. Furthermore, after the incident with Yuan Jun Hao, her son was glued to Zhong Zhen Dong. Every little boy worshipped heroes, and Cheng Cheng was no exception.

In actuality, she didn’t have that big of an appetite; she just wanted it to be ordinary and satisfactory.

The door suddenly opened, causing her to jump in fright as Zhong Zhen Dong barged in. She cried out softly and hastily grabbed the big towel to cover herself.

Zhong Zhen Dong held her wrist and tenderly, but forcefully, took away the big towel, throwing it into the basket on the side.

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