HDW (After) Chapter 7

I’d like to thank to zlizard (@lizardtranslations) for their translation of chapter 7, I used it as a reference as I drafted this chapter. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Chapter 7

He’d rather she blame him, condemn him, or demand an explanation from him. It was at least better than her leaving without a word. Doing so meant she completely didn’t care about him, and that she wanted to brush off all of his good intentions. How could he not be mad?

Tang Xin Lian suddenly remembered something, and nervously asked, “Where are Xiang Ping and Cheng Cheng?”

“What do you think?” He asked while grinding his teeth in rage.

“What have you done to them? I was the one who decided to do this, so whatever anger you have should be directed towards me. This doesn’t concern my friend or Cheng Cheng, so don’t hurt them.”

Hearing this tone, it was clear to him that she thought he was a despicable and shameless person. To put it simply, she had put him in the same category as Yuan Jun Hao. All of the good deeds he had done were wasted.

Since she didn’t appreciate his attempts to please her, he didn’t feel like explaining himself, so he just followed her lead.

“So you also know how to beg for mercy?” He said bitterly.

Her eyes reddened. “Since you’ve found me, I’ll admit defeat. But I’m begging you to not hurt them. As long as you promise to not hurt them, I… I’ll be at your disposal.”

Originally, Zhong Zhen Dong was only annoyed, but after he heard her say, “I’ll be at your disposal,” his eyes flashed.

“Really? You’ll be at my disposal?”

She dejectedly nodded her head.

Zhong Zhen Dong was thrilled. In order to not scare the little white rabbit away, he had continuously controlled his desires, and hid a few personality traits, because he was afraid she wouldn’t like it. At first, he was really annoyed with her heartlessness. She had discarded all of his hard work, but now, she said that she was at his disposal.

Since no matter what he did, she only remembered his misdeeds and not the good things he had done, then he was going to just follow her lead.

“Since you said it, you have to own up to it.” He smiled evilly. “It’s good that we can say everything clearly, that way we can avoid misunderstandings later on.”

In front of her, he had always played the role of a gentleman because he knew she was sensitive, shy, and had a heart that was very prone to being hurt. That’s why, in order to win her over, he became what she wanted, which was a gentle prince figure.

The real him was actually not as gentle and courteous as his outward appearance presented. His style was more powerful and violent, and he had good control over his desires. He was someone who did what he pleased.

Tang Xin Lian shuddered after seeing his evil, leering expression.

“You really are two-faced, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I was stupidly deceived by you.”

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing? If you say so, but you should understand that this wolf has a habit. Once the meat is in its mouth and is swallowed, it’s impossible to spit it back out.”

Tang Xin Lian’s entire body stiffened. She was still sitting on his leg, so she was able to feel the change in his lower half; there was a hard object pressing against her. He watched her possessively.

As Zhong Zhen Dong hugged her, he was able to guess her thoughts from the subtle reactions from her body. His lips lightly brushed against her ear, and with a low, husky voice, he said, “What should we do? I’m already having a reaction from just hugging you.”

“…” What could she say? She didn’t dare say anything. She only lowered her head, not daring to move.

“How about this, if you think of a way to help me resolve it, I’ll release your friend and your son.”

She knew he would suggest this, and also knew that if she didn’t comply, she wouldn’t know what happened to Xiang Ping and her son. She could only resign herself, and reluctantly nod her head.

When she nodded, Zhong Zhen Dong’s mood brightened. He was originally angry at her heartlessness, but right now, he felt like it was a blessing in disguise. No matter what, now that she was in his hands, whether she was willing or not, he was definitely not letting her go.


Zhong Zhen Dong took her hand and walked out with her.

“Where are you taking me?” She hurriedly asked.

“You said you would be at my disposal, so why do you need to ask?”

“Wait! Where’s my son?”

“You’ll see him in a moment.”

“Then what about my friend…” She stopped midway due to receiving his glare, and couldn’t help but shrink back.

“Since I’ve already promised you, I won’t hurt her.” What a heartless little white rabbit, she really considered him to be scum.

According to Zhong Zhen Dong’s standards, he felt he did nothing wrong. When a man liked a woman, it was only natural for him to exhaust his mind in thinking of ways to chase and capture her. It’s just that his method didn’t conform with the little white rabbit’s moral standards.

Due to Zhong Zhen Dong’s orders, Tang Xin Lian’s luggage was already packed and in the car. She thought they were going to the airport, but when the car stopped, she was shocked.

Her eyes widened as she stared at the small airplane in front of her. She looked at him skeptically.

“This is…”

“My private jet.” Zhong Zhen Dong said proudly. He was very satisfied with her shocked and amazed response. He felt that he shouldn’t hold himself back anymore. It was time the little white rabbit knew how powerful her man was, and perhaps it would even cause her to admire him a little.

But Zhong Zhen Dong once again overestimated the little white rabbit’s train of thoughts. Not only did she not admire him, she felt even more fearful of him. She suspected Zhong Zhen Dong was an underworld boss; someone involved in drug trades, smuggling, etc. Otherwise, how could he be this wealthy?

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  1. blackrose156 says:

    Thank you for the chapter. Great work!

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  2. Justderpin says:

    Omg ZZD is legit getting on my nerves. How twisted can a person get? I feel so bad for TXL… She’s such a sweet and kind girl! Yet, what does she get in return? A boyfriend who cheated with her older sister and had a kid together, a stalker, and now a psyopathic devil? I seriously won’t be surprised if she starts having thoughts of taking her own life at this point of the story.

    But, on another note, thanks for the chapter! I really don’t like the main lead, but I’m hoping with fingers crossed that TXL will have her happy ending. So I’m going to stick around and see what happens.

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    • zskyfish says:

      I think she stays strong for Cheng Cheng. It is too bad that ZZD is richer and more powerful than she realized or else running to USA would have solved her problem, even nipped it in the bud.

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  3. cathdeary says:

    Poor girl. Sigh.


  4. Busybee says:

    Thanks for the chapter. Hope little white rabbit will change her perception of ZZD


  5. “Zhong Zhen Dong was thrilled. In order to not scare the little white rabbit away, he had continuously controlled his desires.”

    What did I just read…

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  6. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    Ugh, this man is getting creepier and creepier, forcing her to have sex with him. How despicable, and disgusting. Zhong Zhen Dong is getting more and more irredeemable. I seriously wonder how this romance will continue on, when the male lead only sees the female lead as something to play and satisfy himself with, to the point of forcing her to handle his ‘problem’.

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  7. ricecal says:

    He was holding back?
    I fear for her future.
    Thank you very much

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    • Julie says:

      ZZD seriously need to grow n sober up not all women r like the shallow or robots of women he used to. Those women he used to bang with r high class prostitutes n r not like TXL at all. To begin with TXL is not a prostitute at all, she is a loving gentle young woman who value human morality n integrity.

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  8. Kitty says:

    Hopefully, ZZD eventually redeem himself. I agree with everyone, right now he is a jerk and keep making things worse instead of better.


  9. Rebecca says:

    Pretty sure he’s about to cross the line to irredeemable here. She’s not wrong at all in her assessment of his character. Thanks for the chapter!


  10. EilahD says:

    Its kind of her fault, she should’t have ran away like that. I mean, didn’t she learn her lesson that running away is not the answer? I thought she was supposed to be smart, lol

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  11. zskyfish says:

    Very irritating to read it as that he is following her lead, as if she wants him to be a scum. When all he is doing is showing his true colors and becoming himself. And if she continued to resist, tell me he wouldn’t hurt her friend in some way–even if just losing her job. If her friend was helping her resist him tell me he would leave them alone. So it isn’t that she is leading him–she is just being realistic. He isn’t above kidnapping her son either–although he wouldn’t think of it like that.


  12. Yadane says:

    Wow would be even more frightful once ZZD reveals his true self


  13. juli says:

    Thank you….poor girl. She will be too frightened to get help from anybody in the future….


  14. AikooxD says:

    Man I’m really disappointed in ZZD. If you really love somebody you won’t feel contented with just his/her body. I hope he will realize soon that and change his ways. Btw I started this novel 2 hour ago and now I’m here . At first I thought that she will really fall for him and they’ll be happy ever after :)) not expecting this plot twist where he is a creepy maniac. I was ok with the glasses and the cameras but from that to come to force her ex to scare her is something I disagree with . Moreover he thought that if he shows her “pleasure” she will love him back. I thought he knows her character , that she isn’t that kind of woman …


  15. Phen says:

    More chapters please! I want to know what will happen next. This novel is so exciting.

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  16. Sya says:

    More chapter please…😭😭😭

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  17. Levaentin says:

    Hi, thank you for your hard work.

    And for my the main male lead does a great job and is very, very likeable, its not perfect but its credible and stays in character, remember the autor told us that an arms dealer minds work diferent that others persons. And the female lead is also very real and credible, a really good work.

    Have a nice day

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  18. Serlie says:

    More chapter please. And thank you for your hard work until now 😬

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  19. ben says:

    Where did the translator go? This is one of my favorites. I always love watching strong arrogant asshole slowly lose all controll over the women they try to control. Like yu aio tain and Yao Yao. Yat isn’t as bad as this maniac tho. How he thought following her to america wouldn’t freak her the fuck out?


    • Rani Bu says:

      I am, likewise, anticipating how the relationship between TXL and ZZD turn into “How to Train Your Foxy Black Bellied Husband (into a docile house pet)”


  20. Dayong says:

    I Think the TXL is even more weirder than ZZD


  21. Hello
    It’s been a while
    Is everything ok


  22. Rani Bu says:

    Hiya! Will we ever have an update on this one? I hope all is well at your end.

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