HDW (After) Chapter 6

I feel like I shouldn’t make predictions about when I’m going to update anymore… It makes me feel bad when I’m late T~T *quietly sulks in corner*
Hmm… I don’t want to spoil anything so… Enjoy! ~

Chapter 6

Ruan Xiang Ping decided to surprise Xin Lian by keeping it a secret for the time being.


Her first night at San Francisco, Tang Xin Lian went to bed early due to the jet lag. Moreover, she slept very soundly, as if she hadn’t had a good night’s rest for a long time.

When she woke up, it was already dawn. She got out of bed and put on a light jacket. In a daze, she opened the door and went downstairs. After she arrived in the living room, she drowsily laid down on the sofa.

Even though she had woken up, the sleepiness was still heavily present. This must’ve been due to the jet lag. She languidly told the person who was reading an English newspaper across from her – –

“Xiang Ping, I want to drink water.”

With her eyes closed, she heard the person opposite her stand up and pour a glass of water for her. Afterwards, Xin Lian dazedly opened her eyes and saw a person holding a glass of water, waiting for her to take it.

She took the cup and drank the water. Then, she returned the cup and continued lying on the sofa.

“What time is it?” She asked lazily.

“In San Francisco time, it’s 5 AM.”

Tang Xin Lian suddenly froze. This voice? No… No way!

She opened her eyes and stared at the person sitting on the sofa. It was only now that she saw who it was. Sitting opposite her with his legs crossed and hands interlaced, was Zhong Zhen Dong. Wearing a casual, gray suit, his handsome smile and stunning eyes were directed towards her.

This must be a dream. She hadn’t woken up yet. The person she saw wasn’t Zhong Zhen Dong. He couldn’t possibly be sitting on the sofa in Xiang Ping’s home. This was too absurd… this frightening situation couldn’t be happening to her right now.

“Did you sleep well? My little white rabbit.” Zhong Zhen Dong’s eyes crinkled. The more affectionate his smile was, the more it caused a person’s blood to run cold.

For Tang Xin Lian, the situation right now was even scarier than a horror movie. She stiffened as she laid on the sofa, and stared. She told herself mentally to wake up, and escape from this nightmare.

She remained motionless, but Zhong Zhen Dong didn’t. He sat next to her and placed both his hands on her shoulders. His breath slowly came closer.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you still dazed from sleeping?”

This wasn’t a dream. His breath had brushed over her face. He really was here!

Tang Xin Lian closed her eyes. Right now, she had already reached the peak of fear, so she threw caution to the wind and closed her eyes, not knowing what to say.

His strong arms tenderly pulled her into a hug, as he placed her on his legs. Embed in his embrace, her heart fell into a dark abyss. The world was vast, but she didn’t have a place she could seek shelter in.

She knew that behind this tenderness, there was definitely a lot of accumulated anger. She waited for him to rage, and the moment she would suffer his merciless torture.

“Open your eyes.”

She couldn’t disobey his order. She opened her eyes and helplessly looked at him.

“Why did you run to America without saying anything? Do you know how worried I was?”

Worried? It was probably angry, angry enough to want to hit her!

“How did you find me?”

“What do you think?”

“You placed a tracking device on me right? Just like the surveillance camera you installed in my apartment.”

He was surprised. After thinking about it, he quickly admitted it. “How did you know those eyeglasses were security cameras?”

“The landlord lady knew about it and told me.”

Zhong Zhen Dong raised his eyebrows and suddenly realized what had happened. “So you already knew and hid it from me.” After thinking about the situation from the beginning, he realized that the reason the little white rabbit’s face was full of fear that day wasn’t because she saw a car crash, but because she was afraid of him. She also deliberately put on a play in front of him, probably after having already decided to run away.

Thinking this far, his expression dropped.

“Just because of this, you had to run away?”

“There’s also Yuan Jun Hao’s threatening phone calls. I know you told him to do it.”

Zhong Zhen Dong stared blankly at her, and then frowned. “He told you?”

This man, not only did he not deny it, he also reproachfully asked if Yuan Jun Hao had told her or not? He didn’t look the slightest bit guilty, and actually had the appearance of being annoyed that his scheme had been exposed.

She had always known that bad people had no shame. She didn’t feel like criticizing him on whether he had a conscience or not, but she just wanted to know one thing.

“How do you want to take your revenge?” She asked.

Hearing this, Zhong Zhen Dong was angry, but he also found it laughable. The little white rabbit had already considered him a bad person?

He wouldn’t consider himself a good person, but towards her, he could be regarded as having earnestly thought about it and wanting to treat her well.

It’s true he had tricked her, but it was only to scare her. It hadn’t harmed her physically, and he had treated her with the utmost care. Not only did he protect her from the harassment of perverts, he also provided a good house for her and her son, thereby improving their livelihood and environment. Why didn’t she take into account all the good things he had done for her?

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  1. juli says:

    Thank you…
    She is so unlucky to have met him, she will be living in fear for the rest of her life.

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  2. rowanmdm says:

    Late is better than never, and a few days late is better than months late 😄 I am really curious as to if and how ZZD will redeem himself. It’s curious how she keeps expecting him to rage at her, and he keeps not reacting the way she expects. Yet she is learning that being quiet can be scarier than loud outbursts.

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  3. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    Er- Threatening and overly controlling your significant other is not considered nice. It’s considered obsessive, and frankly, stalkerish and super creepy. Dude, I understand how she feels in this scene, like a horror movie indeed.

    Not to mention, this man, he still messes around with other women. Don’t pretend like I haven’t forgotten Linda! (Okay, so I have forgotten her name, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have side chicks you’re banging, you scary man).

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  4. jiya says:

    till now i just can’t find anything good about the male lead.
    thanks for the update 🙂


  5. Julie says:

    Thanks for another translated chapter.


  6. Linda says:

    Thanks for the update. Poor TXL to get the wolf attention and the wolf not willing to let go.


  7. Thank you! Finally she will start to realize his love and care😜


  8. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the chapter!! I think she was right to run from him, considering his ‘reasoning’ of how and why he has manipulated and controlled her.


  9. jocy says:

    Thanks for the new chapter Teddy 🙂


  10. blackrose156 says:

    Thank you for the chapter. Great work!


  11. Kitty says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m wondering how ZZD will redeem himself in her eyes as she is expecting the worse from him due to her bad experience with men.


  12. tueysaloewa says:

    where is her friend and her son gone?
    for me, if i were the MC i will be creeping out but when i read this i fell he;s kind of sweet lover devoted himself for her only although his obsession towards her kind of scary. but it had its own charm like the translation by azzuro “being loved exclusively by you


  13. cathdeary says:

    This type of obsession can be somehow called romantic, irl, this is a nightmare, its like there is no where you can escape to however you would wish you if you feel so trapped. I feel for her. And he doesnt even know why she was so creeped out.

    And to answer his question, its because you are a fake. You are like a stalker she can only evade after death. I wont know to handle it if i were in her situation. I cant even run away for more than a day.

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  14. zlizard says:

    DarkTeddy, I first would like to thanks you for your hard work so far.
    But I got really curiously and read-ahead, and in the process end up translating the chapter 7, if you would like I can send you to use as a reference for your chapter.

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  15. zlizard says:

    I will just post here, so you can look: http://pastebin.com/ZHKmz0US


  16. Yadane says:

    ZZD methods are just too scary


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