HDW (After) Chapter 5

Another chapter before I go to sleep, next chapter will probably be on Wednesday~

Chapter 5

Not to mention, her rival in love was her older sister, who was also pregnant with Bai Shu Li’s child. How could she not concede?

She grew up in a complicated family. Her father was wealthy, and men who gained money, often became fickle in love. Her father had many women, and became acquainted with her mother at a restaurant, who later became his mistress.

From an early age, she witnessed many mothers become mistresses. She swore that when she grew up, she would never become someone else’s mistress.

Before her older sister died, she left Cheng Cheng in Xin Lian’s care. Within that complicated family, Cheng Cheng, who had no other family, was very pitiful. As a result, Xin Lian was determined to assume the responsibility of raising Cheng Cheng.

On the surface, she told others that Cheng Cheng was her son, but Cheng Cheng was really her nephew.

She and Cheng Cheng connected really well. She let Cheng Cheng call her ‘mother,’ and she took care of him like a mother would.

“Actually, I think Bai Shu Li was somewhat innocent. I heard it was your older sister that seduced him. He didn’t love your older sister, so he decided to leave Taiwan and went to the United States to study. Even though your older sister gave birth to his child, his family didn’t accept her as their daughter in law.”

“So what? I don’t care about who seduced who. Since it already happened, they should take responsibility for it. I hate men who succumb to temptation.”

After Tang Xin Lian finished speaking, she realized that Ruan Xiang Ping had been continuously staring at her.

“What happened? Am I wrong?”

“Xin Lian, don’t you think your expectations for love is too high, too romantic, and too perfect? A mature male is unlikely to endure being enticed, even more so if it’s a growing high school student.”

“My requirement is too high? Really?”

“Everyone makes mistakes. Your older sister’s beauty does not lose to yours. Moreover, she was older than us by 3 years, and her figure was more developed. How could an adolescent withstand her seduction?”

Tang Xin Lian bit her lip and turned her face away. “What’s the use of saying all this now? It’s already in the past.”

“But I’ve recently heard that he’s still been thinking about you, and has been asking around about you everywhere.”

Tang Xin Lian was startled. Bai Shu Li was making inquiries about her?

“Who did you hear that from?”

“You think everyone’s like you, disappearing without staying in contact with their classmates? Last month, I was chatting with the others on Facebook. They mentioned Bai Shu Li, and said that he was doing very well. He opened a software development company, branched out, and has gotten quite famous in the industry.”


“I can’t believe that while he was in school, Bai Shu Li was an influential figure, and when he entered society, he’d still be so outstanding. Some people were born smart; they’ll succeed in everything they do. He’s considered a golden bachelor right now, and this man just so happens to be looking for his past lover. Tell me, is he trying to rekindle an old flame?”

“How would I know…”

“Of course you should know. I said all this so I can tell you, if Bai Shu Li really likes you, you should seize it. Which person hasn’t made a mistake while they were young? You’ve suffered a lot on this road of love, so if there’s a suitable partner, you shouldn’t be stubborn. In addition, you’re also raising his biological son. Cheng Cheng also needs a father. If you get back together with Bai Shu Li, and raise Cheng Cheng together, it’d become a perfect family.”

Ruan Xiang Ping’s words made Tang Xin Lian’s heart flutter. A stone was thrown into her tranquil lake, setting off a wave of ripples that brought her hidden memories to her focus.

Bai Shu Li’s tenderness, humor, and the memories of them together; these scenes played one after the other in her mind.

That’s true, which person hasn’t made a mistake while they were young? When Bai Shu Li slept with her older sister, her heart was broken. This matter subsequently became a knot in her heart. But she wasn’t that “perfect flower” from high school, or a blind-sighted person…

No matter how many men she dated, she always involuntarily compared them to Bai Shu Li. She had to admit, in her heart, there would always be Bai Shu Li’s shadow. It was just that she hid it very well.

Seeing her friend lost in her thoughts, Ruan Xiang Ping stood firm in her belief that Xin Lian still thought about her old lover.

“Hehe, my guess was right, you still love him.”

Tang Xin Lian rolled her eyes and embarrassedly refuted. “Love or not, this matter is all in the past.”

Perhaps first loves were always unforgettable. Towards her first man, a woman would always remember it deeply. As her first love, it was normal to think of him.

“Oh you… What your heart is thinking is already written on your face, and you still want to be stubborn in front of your fellow classmate? Even if it’s not for yourself, you should think about Cheng Cheng.”

Tang Xin Lian didn’t reply. Her eyes became misty as she turned her gaze to Cheng Cheng, who was running around in the garden.

Ruan Xiang Ping felt that even though Xin Lian didn’t admit it, she also hadn’t denied it. Xiang Ping had always felt that it was a pity if this golden couple didn’t get together.

Even though the guy made a mistake, which youngster wasn’t impulsive? No one was perfect, and who knows if these two people will rekindle their love or not.

Ruan Xiang Ping resolved herself to become a matchmaker so she could let these lovers reunite. In reality, she had kept a secret from Xin Lian. It was Bai Shu Li that personally came to her to ask about Xin Lian, and wanted her to pull some strings.

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  1. juli says:

    Thank you
    Bai Shu Li will have to face ZZD first…

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  2. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    Ooh, I have a feeling that this Bai Shu Li is not as simple as he seems, bedding the older sister and looking for the younger, while tossing his own son away. And manipulating the best friend to pull a few strings, even though he was in the wrong (cheating is a no-no, especially with the sister. And that is not a romantic idealism, that is basic respect to your partner. So fuck Ruan Xiang Ping for saying that, and I hope Xin Lian keeps herself away from this guy).

    And I don’t really want to know how horrible our Main Male Lead will be to this old flame…

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    • AbsoluteMeowster says:

      Also, thanks for the two chapters! I can’t wait for the next chapter~


    • pili says:

      i must say i absolutely agree with you… cheating with other woman was already horrible, but with your own sister its the worst ever.
      i simply didn’t understand her friend ways of thinking, its really stupid…

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    • Taryn says:

      I hope ZZD doesn’t pull back his punches, I agree, BSL definitely does not seem as simply as the friend makes him out to be. I’m sure he’s cunning underneath everything.
      I just hope TXL can see what’s happening before it’s too late.

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  3. Busybee says:

    Thanks. Wonder when ZZD will show up.


  4. ashachan7 says:

    She hates the way her father was. She hates men with mistresses. ZZD had mistresses, what about that woman starting with “L”. The MC really has no luck with men. If you love someone there is no way to make a mistake and this guy cheated with the older sister and impregnated a woman and ran away. What about his child, he didn’t care for the child. In which world does such a man and as a Prince/ lovable husband material. There are things which are unforgivable and never should have a second chance. Scum is always scum, ZZD is going to hurt her again. I just hope the MC finds her HE in which she is happy.


  5. Finally ZZD’s rival! Can’t wait to see their love bloom in the next chapter!


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  7. ricecal says:

    Running from responsibilities, I don’t like this guy for her!
    Thank you very much


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    Thanks for the chapters


  9. Kitty says:

    Thank you. BSL does not seem like a good guy. Hope she realize that and fall in love inZDD. But ZDD need to work harder to gain her love and trust since she has such a bad experience with love.

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  10. Taryn says:

    Thanks for the hard work!


  11. “Even though the guy made a mistake, which youngster wasn’t impulsive? No one was perfect, and who knows if these two people will rekindle their love or not.

    Ruan Xiang Ping resolved herself to become a matchmaker so she could let these lovers reunite. In reality, she had kept a secret from Xin Lian. It was Bai Shu Li that personally came to her to ask about Xin Lian, and wanted her to pull some strings.”

    How about no… I guess we have to put a rival that ZZD can match, since he’s a real jerk we can’t have some nice guy or else he’d autolose. Unless ZZD removed him out of the picture forcefully.


  12. yadane says:

    Bai Shu Li doesn’t gives off a responsible impression…

    sweet dreams!


  13. zskyfish says:

    We haven’t even met Bai Shu Li yet. The older sister is dead so we can’t get her side of the story. I think in another story I would say meet him and see, just be cautious–she may not even feel the same when she sees him. But in this story I also worry about the true black belly ZZD and what he would do to any love possibility. Break his legs? Or worse. Until she ends things with this guy she can’t think about love.


  14. marci80 says:

    I guess she really doesn’t have any luck with men. Her first love slept with her older sister, who gave birth to Cheng Cheng. He didn’t even try to be a part of Cheng Cheng’s life. I can’t imagine what it would be like if she does end up with this guy, who would most likely get reminded of his “mistake” every time he sees Cheng Cheng. ZZD on the other hand has a mistress on the side and believes that she belongs to him. Oh man don’t know how this will play out. Thanks for the chapter! This is the first time I’ve posted a comment after catching up.

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