HDW (After) Chapter 4

Ah… I feel like I’m slacking for this 2nd book >_< I’ll try for regular updates starting Wednesday! On a side note, thanks for all the well wishes; hopefully I did okay for my midterms… If not, I’ll just have to try harder for finals!
Shocking news in this chapter !! Enjoy 🙂

Chapter 4

“Mommy, it’s so big! There are so many trees! It’s so pretty!” Cheng Cheng’s excitement caused Tang Xin Lian to smile. Taiwan was densely populated and had limited space, but coming here, not only was there a vast horizon, the green scenery was enough to cause the confusion in one’s heart to dissipate.

“Take care not to bump into auntie’s furniture.” She warned her son as he ran around like a wild animal.

“Haha, no problem, no problem. Run as much as you want. With a child here, my place is more lively.”

Ruan Xiang Ping lived by herself. She became independent after she graduated college, and since she found work in America, she bought this house in the suburbs.

“I’ll have to trouble you for a while.”

“Why are you being so polite with me? You coming to keep me company makes me very happy! There are 3 rooms you can choose from, and for dinner, I’ll pan-fry some steak!
Ruan Xiang Ping took Tang Xin Lian’s hand and brought her around the house.

Tang Xin Lian didn’t tell her best friend that she came in order to hide from Zhong Zhen Dong. She knew her son was fond of Zhong Zhen Dong, so she decided not to tell her son about this matter either. Not only did she not want to worry Xiang Ping, she also wanted to let her son continue to have a good image of Zhong Zhen Dong.

When all was said and done, from all the men she’d met, there wasn’t a single good role model. This caused her son to also have a bad impression of other adult males, not including Zhong Zhen Dong.

Fortunately, Zhong Zhen Dong didn’t act strangely in front of her son. But she believed that if she allowed more time to pass, Zhong Zhen Dong would reveal his true colors.

She already had enough of violence and two-faced men. Just Yuan Jun Hao alone had already made her suffer so much, so let’s not mention Zhong Zhen Dong who surpassed Yuan Jun Hao.

At least Yuan Jun Hao’s violent and bad temperament weren’t hidden deeply. On the other hand, Zhong Zhen Dong who acted like a gentlemen in front of her, so warm and gentle, did such a scary thing behind her back. In addition, he also installed surveillance cameras. It was just too awful.

That was why she escaped the country with her son without the slightest hesitation. She had to temporarily get away and properly think about her future.

“What are you thinking about that you’re so lost in thought? It can’t be about a man right?” Ruan Xiang Ping joked as she placed a plate of sliced fruit onto the table.

Tang Xin Lian shook her head. “How is that possible? You should already know that I don’t want a boyfriend and that I don’t intend on getting married.”

“You’re still young, it’s still too early to say those things. I know the men you met in the past weren’t great and caused you to lose hope, but there are still decent men on this planet.”

“I know. I know there are good ones out there, but astute women would have probably already snatched them away. Even if there are a few that remain, I still wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between good and bad.”

Ruan Xiang Ping nodded. “That’s true. As your high school classmate, I can testify that regarding men, you definitely have problems.”

Tang Xin Lian sighed. “That’s why I don’t want to ask for any more problems.”

Hearing the hopelessness in her best friend’s voice, Ruan Xiang Ping held her friend’s hand and asked, “You’re still in love with that person right?”

Tang Xin Lian was shocked. She didn’t expect Xiang Ping to mention that person. Xin Lian couldn’t help but lower her head and play dumb.

“Whom are you referring to?”

“Bai Shu Li, Cheng Cheng’s biological father.”

At the mention of Bai Shu Li, Tang Xin Lian’s heart clenched.

“I’m not.” She denied it.

“Really? If you’re not, why did you adopt Cheng Cheng?”

“That’s because Cheng Cheng is my older sister’s child.” Tang Xin Lian casually said.

Ruan Xiang Ping wasn’t fooled. Back then, her best friend and Bai Shu Li were in a serious relationship, and she was the only one that knew.

“Give me a break, you’re even hiding it from me? It’s not like I’ll laugh at you, I know you really loved him. If he and your older sister weren’t together, you guys would be considered an ideal couple, a match made in heaven.”

Ruan Xiang Ping couldn’t help but sigh for her friend. She remembered when they were in high school, Tang Xin Lian was considered the prettiest girl in school and a goddess in the male students’ minds. Senior Bai Shu Li was also a well-known figure. He was tall and handsome, the best in class, and also good at sports. In this way, he was a bright student that became the object of adoration from all the female students.

Ruan Xiang Ping’s reminder caused Tang Xin Lian to recall all the deep memories she kept in her heart.

Bai Shu Li. He was probably someone she would never forget in her lifetime. During her life’s most beautiful and simple years, she met Bai Shu Li and had a pure, romantic relationship with him. At that time, they were really happy.

Whether it was playing ball, studying, or dating, they were always together.

Bai Shu Li was her first love. She really loved him, so much so that she secretly vowed in her heart to only marry Bai Shu Li in this lifetime. She wanted to become his wife so she could cook and take care of him her whole life.

Unfortunately, this love became tainted.

He bedded her older sister, and she stepped back, turned around and walked away.

She wasn’t a confrontational woman. When she found herself in a love triangle, she decided she’d rather leave and let her heart break, then accept a deteriorated love.

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  1. tueysaloewa says:

    woaw, that’s too much tragedy of her life. even her first love bedded her older sister and when she’s trying to search for new love the men all had bad traits. that’s why she vowed not to marry for the rest of her life.

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    Then what happened to Cheng cheng’s father?
    How come he didn’t keep him ?


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    maybe her older sister, did something?
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    What a bummer…to have the man you love bed your own sister.


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    TXL really have no luck with men at all
    certainly done well on your midterms!


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