HDW (After) Chapter 3

Another chapter while I procrastinate studying :3
Zhong Zhen Dong incoming!! 

Chapter 3

After an 11-hour flight, they finally arrived at the airport in San Francisco, California.

“Xin Lian!” At the exit of the terminal, Ruan Xiang Ping enthusiastically waved at them.

Seeing a close friend she hadn’t met for so long, Tang Xin Lian was also very excited. She hurried forward and embraced Ruan Xing Ping in a hug.

At this moment, Xiang Ping’s warm smile and hug made Tang Xin Lian relax a little.

When she took her son and escaped the country via airplane, her frame of mind was heavy and restless. But now that she was receiving the welcome of an old friend, she considered this very important.

She thought to herself that it was right to have come here.

Not only was Ruan Xiang Ping a close friend, she was also a good sister that was even closer to her than her own relatives.

“Hey! Who’s this handsome little guy?” Ruan Xiang Ping faced Cheng Cheng and winked.

“Hello auntie Xiang Ping, my name is Tang Jing Cheng, but auntie can call me Cheng Cheng.” Cheng Cheng sweetly said.

A good friend of his mom’s was a good auntie to him. Moreover, they had to trouble auntie for a while during this visit. While on the plane, his mom had warned him early on to be courteous. In order to not humiliate his mom, he immediately displayed a young, gentlemanly appearance. He made a small bow as he greeted auntie, causing Xiang Ping to giggle.

“Hello Cheng Cheng, your mother and I are good sisters, so her son is my son.” Ruan Xiang Ping also curtsied in return.

The clever Cheng Cheng immediately replied, “Xiang Ping-mama!”

“Good son!” Ruan Xiang Ping hugged Cheng Cheng and picked him up as she lovingly placed a kiss on his cheek. Before she forgot, she said to Tang Xin Lian, “Very good! This youngster has a bright future. He’ll definitely grow up to be a lady-killer! I’m already charmed by him!”

The three of them laughed loudly in the airport. Even though Xin Lian and her son came to a foreign place, there was a close friend here, which alleviated Xin Lian’s tenseness from leaving her home country.

Tang Xin Lian held her son’s hand and followed Ruan Xiang Ping to a car parked outside. Someone else also following them. Tang Xin Lian had no idea that as she left the airport and was on the road, there would be a car following behind her.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A Chinese-American cop dressed in plain clothes snapped a few pictures of Ruan Xiang Ping and sent them back to the office. After a few minutes, her social security number, address, place of work, profession, the number of people in her house, when she moved to the United States, and other relevant information were transmitted to Zhong Zhen Dong’s cell phone.

Looking at the picture on his screen, Zhong Zhen Dong slowly smiled. “So the little white rabbit sought out a woman, which is still considered pardonable. If it was a man, I’d have had to properly reteach you.”

From the picture, he saw a young woman smile happily. So it turns out she was very happy after running away, and not even a little bit reluctant to leave him? Did she not consider that her leaving without saying anything would make him feel broken-hearted? She was truly a woman with no conscience. He wasted his breath worrying about her, even thinking she was kidnapped.

Just wait until he caught her. He had to properly investigate this matter, by torturing her in bed, and ask her why she left.

“Prepare my plane, I’ll be there in half an hour.” After Zhong Zhen Dong dialed a number and explained what he needed, he put on his sunglasses and stepped on the accelerator in his car.

Half an hour later, he reached an office in the suburbs. His beautiful female secretary already prepared his luggage, and his personal jet was also fueled, waiting on the wide meadow.

Zhong Zhen Dong got out of the car and tossed his keys to a subordinate. He took the luggage from his secretary, and as he walked to his jet, his secretary reported a few important matters to him.

“Andy hopes you’ll attend his daughter’s birthday party tomorrow so he can discuss about political and military matters with you privately.”

“Tell him I have important matters to take care of, and send Nick to attend on my behalf.”

“Suo Da Technology’s chairmen called and wants to invite you for coffee.”

“Looks like he has some new products, when?”

“He said whenever you want.”

“Then next Tuesday.”

“Miss Lydia called three times, do you wish to return her calls?”

“No need, buy a diamond necklace for her and just say I’m busy.”


After the matters were handled, he got on his private jet. The plane had everything one could need prepared, just like a small-scale luxurious lounge. The chief pilot and crew were already on standby, waiting for his command.

“To San Francisco.”

“Yes boss.”

As the jet’s door closed, Zhong Zhen Dong closed his eyes to rest as he sat on the leather sofa. Aware of Zhong Zhen Dong’s preferences, his team immediately dimmed the lighting to give their boss the most comfortable environment.

Not long after, the plane took off and headed towards San Francisco.

Tang Xin Lian didn’t know that after a few hours, she would have to face the biggest scare of her life.

Ruan Xiang Ping drove them to her house, which was located in the suburbs. The United States was so big that every house in the neighborhood was separated by some distance, and each family also had their own garden.

Since it was his first time coming to America, Cheng Cheng was curious and excited. Kids loved to play, and after arriving at auntie Xiang Ping’s house, he cheerfully jumped up and down.

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