HDW (After) Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

He’d rather she blame him, condemn him, or demand an explanation from him. It was at least better than her leaving without a word. Doing so meant she completely didn’t care about him, and that she wanted to brush off all of his good intentions. How could he not be mad?

Tang Xin Lian suddenly remembered something, and nervously asked, “Where are Xiang Ping and Cheng Cheng?”

“What do you think?” He asked while grinding his teeth in rage.

“What have you done to them? I was the one who decided to do this, so whatever anger you have should be directed towards me. This doesn’t concern my friend or Cheng Cheng, so don’t hurt them.”

Hearing this tone, it was clear to him that she thought he was a despicable and shameless person. To put it simply, she had put him in the same category as Yuan Jun Hao. All of the good deeds he had done were wasted.

Since she didn’t appreciate his attempts to please her, he didn’t feel like explaining himself, so he just followed her lead.

“So you also know how to beg for mercy?” He said bitterly.

Her eyes reddened. “Since you’ve found me, I’ll admit defeat. But I’m begging you to not hurt them. As long as you promise to not hurt them, I… I’ll be at your disposal.”

Originally, Zhong Zhen Dong was only annoyed, but after he heard her say, “I’ll be at your disposal,” his eyes flashed.

“Really? You’ll be at my disposal?”

She dejectedly nodded her head.

Zhong Zhen Dong was thrilled. In order to not scare the little white rabbit away, he had continuously controlled his desires, and hid a few personality traits, because he was afraid she wouldn’t like it. At first, he was really annoyed with her heartlessness. She had discarded all of his hard work, but now, she said that she was at his disposal.

Since no matter what he did, she only remembered his misdeeds and not the good things he had done, then he was going to just follow her lead.

“Since you said it, you have to own up to it.” He smiled evilly. “It’s good that we can say everything clearly, that way we can avoid misunderstandings later on.”

In front of her, he had always played the role of a gentleman because he knew she was sensitive, shy, and had a heart that was very prone to being hurt. That’s why, in order to win her over, he became what she wanted, which was a gentle prince figure.

The real him was actually not as gentle and courteous as his outward appearance presented. His style was more powerful and violent, and he had good control over his desires. He was someone who did what he pleased.

Tang Xin Lian shuddered after seeing his evil, leering expression.

“You really are two-faced, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I was stupidly deceived by you.”

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing? If you say so, but you should understand that this wolf has a habit. Once the meat is in its mouth and is swallowed, it’s impossible to spit it back out.”

Tang Xin Lian’s entire body stiffened. She was still sitting on his leg, so she was able to feel the change in his lower half; there was a hard object pressing against her. He watched her possessively.

As Zhong Zhen Dong hugged her, he was able to guess her thoughts from the subtle reactions from her body. His lips lightly brushed against her ear, and with a low, husky voice, he said, “What should we do? I’m already having a reaction from just hugging you.”

“…” What could she say? She didn’t dare say anything. She only lowered her head, not daring to move.

“How about this, if you think of a way to help me resolve it, I’ll release your friend and your son.”

She knew he would suggest this, and also knew that if she didn’t comply, she wouldn’t know what happened to Xiang Ping and her son. She could only resign herself, and reluctantly nod her head.

When she nodded, Zhong Zhen Dong’s mood brightened. He was originally angry at her heartlessness, but right now, he felt like it was a blessing in disguise. No matter what, now that she was in his hands, whether she was willing or not, he was definitely not letting her go.


Zhong Zhen Dong took her hand and walked out with her.

“Where are you taking me?” She hurriedly asked.

“You said you would be at my disposal, so why do you need to ask?”

“Wait! Where’s my son?”

“You’ll see him in a moment.”

“Then what about my friend…” She stopped midway due to receiving his glare, and couldn’t help but shrink back.

“Since I’ve already promised you, I won’t hurt her.” What a heartless little white rabbit, she really considered him to be scum.

According to Zhong Zhen Dong’s standards, he felt he did nothing wrong. When a man liked a woman, it was only natural for him to exhaust his mind in thinking of ways to chase and capture her. It’s just that his method didn’t conform with the little white rabbit’s moral standards.

Due to Zhong Zhen Dong’s orders, Tang Xin Lian’s luggage was already packed and in the car. She thought they were going to the airport, but when the car stopped, she was shocked.

Her eyes widened as she stared at the small airplane in front of her. She looked at him skeptically.

“This is…”

“My private jet.” Zhong Zhen Dong said proudly. He was very satisfied with her shocked and amazed response. He felt that he shouldn’t hold himself back anymore. It was time the little white rabbit knew how powerful her man was, and perhaps it would even cause her to admire him a little.

But Zhong Zhen Dong once again overestimated the little white rabbit’s train of thoughts. Not only did she not admire him, she felt even more fearful of him. She suspected Zhong Zhen Dong was an underworld boss; someone involved in drug trades, smuggling, etc. Otherwise, how could he be this wealthy?

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HDW (After) Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Ruan Xiang Ping decided to surprise Xin Lian by keeping it a secret for the time being.


Her first night at San Francisco, Tang Xin Lian went to bed early due to the jet lag. Moreover, she slept very soundly, as if she hadn’t had a good night’s rest for a long time.

When she woke up, it was already dawn. She got out of bed and put on a light jacket. In a daze, she opened the door and went downstairs. After she arrived in the living room, she drowsily laid down on the sofa.

Even though she had woken up, the sleepiness was still heavily present. This must’ve been due to the jet lag. She languidly told the person who was reading an English newspaper across from her – –

“Xiang Ping, I want to drink water.”

With her eyes closed, she heard the person opposite her stand up and pour a glass of water for her. Afterwards, Xin Lian dazedly opened her eyes and saw a person holding a glass of water, waiting for her to take it.

She took the cup and drank the water. Then, she returned the cup and continued lying on the sofa.

“What time is it?” She asked lazily.

“In San Francisco time, it’s 5 AM.”

Tang Xin Lian suddenly froze. This voice? No… No way!

She opened her eyes and stared at the person sitting on the sofa. It was only now that she saw who it was. Sitting opposite her with his legs crossed and hands interlaced, was Zhong Zhen Dong. Wearing a casual, gray suit, his handsome smile and stunning eyes were directed towards her.

This must be a dream. She hadn’t woken up yet. The person she saw wasn’t Zhong Zhen Dong. He couldn’t possibly be sitting on the sofa in Xiang Ping’s home. This was too absurd… this frightening situation couldn’t be happening to her right now.

“Did you sleep well? My little white rabbit.” Zhong Zhen Dong’s eyes crinkled. The more affectionate his smile was, the more it caused a person’s blood to run cold.

For Tang Xin Lian, the situation right now was even scarier than a horror movie. She stiffened as she laid on the sofa, and stared. She told herself mentally to wake up, and escape from this nightmare.

She remained motionless, but Zhong Zhen Dong didn’t. He sat next to her and placed both his hands on her shoulders. His breath slowly came closer.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you still dazed from sleeping?”

This wasn’t a dream. His breath had brushed over her face. He really was here!

Tang Xin Lian closed her eyes. Right now, she had already reached the peak of fear, so she threw caution to the wind and closed her eyes, not knowing what to say.

His strong arms tenderly pulled her into a hug, as he placed her on his legs. Embed in his embrace, her heart fell into a dark abyss. The world was vast, but she didn’t have a place she could seek shelter in.

She knew that behind this tenderness, there was definitely a lot of accumulated anger. She waited for him to rage, and the moment she would suffer his merciless torture.

“Open your eyes.”

She couldn’t disobey his order. She opened her eyes and helplessly looked at him.

“Why did you run to America without saying anything? Do you know how worried I was?”

Worried? It was probably angry, angry enough to want to hit her!

“How did you find me?”

“What do you think?”

“You placed a tracking device on me right? Just like the surveillance camera you installed in my apartment.”

He was surprised. After thinking about it, he quickly admitted it. “How did you know those eyeglasses were security cameras?”

“The landlord lady knew about it and told me.”

Zhong Zhen Dong raised his eyebrows and suddenly realized what had happened. “So you already knew and hid it from me.” After thinking about the situation from the beginning, he realized that the reason the little white rabbit’s face was full of fear that day wasn’t because she saw a car crash, but because she was afraid of him. She also deliberately put on a play in front of him, probably after having already decided to run away.

Thinking this far, his expression dropped.

“Just because of this, you had to run away?”

“There’s also Yuan Jun Hao’s threatening phone calls. I know you told him to do it.”

Zhong Zhen Dong stared blankly at her, and then frowned. “He told you?”

This man, not only did he not deny it, he also reproachfully asked if Yuan Jun Hao had told her or not? He didn’t look the slightest bit guilty, and actually had the appearance of being annoyed that his scheme had been exposed.

She had always known that bad people had no shame. She didn’t feel like criticizing him on whether he had a conscience or not, but she just wanted to know one thing.

“How do you want to take your revenge?” She asked.

Hearing this, Zhong Zhen Dong was angry, but he also found it laughable. The little white rabbit had already considered him a bad person?

He wouldn’t consider himself a good person, but towards her, he could be regarded as having earnestly thought about it and wanting to treat her well.

It’s true he had tricked her, but it was only to scare her. It hadn’t harmed her physically, and he had treated her with the utmost care. Not only did he protect her from the harassment of perverts, he also provided a good house for her and her son, thereby improving their livelihood and environment. Why didn’t she take into account all the good things he had done for her?

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HDW (After) Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Not to mention, her rival in love was her older sister, who was also pregnant with Bai Shu Li’s child. How could she not concede?

She grew up in a complicated family. Her father was wealthy, and men who gained money, often became fickle in love. Her father had many women, and became acquainted with her mother at a restaurant, who later became his mistress.

From an early age, she witnessed many mothers become mistresses. She swore that when she grew up, she would never become someone else’s mistress.

Before her older sister died, she left Cheng Cheng in Xin Lian’s care. Within that complicated family, Cheng Cheng, who had no other family, was very pitiful. As a result, Xin Lian was determined to assume the responsibility of raising Cheng Cheng.

On the surface, she told others that Cheng Cheng was her son, but Cheng Cheng was really her nephew.

She and Cheng Cheng connected really well. She let Cheng Cheng call her ‘mother,’ and she took care of him like a mother would.

“Actually, I think Bai Shu Li was somewhat innocent. I heard it was your older sister that seduced him. He didn’t love your older sister, so he decided to leave Taiwan and went to the United States to study. Even though your older sister gave birth to his child, his family didn’t accept her as their daughter in law.”

“So what? I don’t care about who seduced who. Since it already happened, they should take responsibility for it. I hate men who succumb to temptation.”

After Tang Xin Lian finished speaking, she realized that Ruan Xiang Ping had been continuously staring at her.

“What happened? Am I wrong?”

“Xin Lian, don’t you think your expectations for love is too high, too romantic, and too perfect? A mature male is unlikely to endure being enticed, even more so if it’s a growing high school student.”

“My requirement is too high? Really?”

“Everyone makes mistakes. Your older sister’s beauty does not lose to yours. Moreover, she was older than us by 3 years, and her figure was more developed. How could an adolescent withstand her seduction?”

Tang Xin Lian bit her lip and turned her face away. “What’s the use of saying all this now? It’s already in the past.”

“But I’ve recently heard that he’s still been thinking about you, and has been asking around about you everywhere.”

Tang Xin Lian was startled. Bai Shu Li was making inquiries about her?

“Who did you hear that from?”

“You think everyone’s like you, disappearing without staying in contact with their classmates? Last month, I was chatting with the others on Facebook. They mentioned Bai Shu Li, and said that he was doing very well. He opened a software development company, branched out, and has gotten quite famous in the industry.”


“I can’t believe that while he was in school, Bai Shu Li was an influential figure, and when he entered society, he’d still be so outstanding. Some people were born smart; they’ll succeed in everything they do. He’s considered a golden bachelor right now, and this man just so happens to be looking for his past lover. Tell me, is he trying to rekindle an old flame?”

“How would I know…”

“Of course you should know. I said all this so I can tell you, if Bai Shu Li really likes you, you should seize it. Which person hasn’t made a mistake while they were young? You’ve suffered a lot on this road of love, so if there’s a suitable partner, you shouldn’t be stubborn. In addition, you’re also raising his biological son. Cheng Cheng also needs a father. If you get back together with Bai Shu Li, and raise Cheng Cheng together, it’d become a perfect family.”

Ruan Xiang Ping’s words made Tang Xin Lian’s heart flutter. A stone was thrown into her tranquil lake, setting off a wave of ripples that brought her hidden memories to her focus.

Bai Shu Li’s tenderness, humor, and the memories of them together; these scenes played one after the other in her mind.

That’s true, which person hasn’t made a mistake while they were young? When Bai Shu Li slept with her older sister, her heart was broken. This matter subsequently became a knot in her heart. But she wasn’t that “perfect flower” from high school, or a blind-sighted person…

No matter how many men she dated, she always involuntarily compared them to Bai Shu Li. She had to admit, in her heart, there would always be Bai Shu Li’s shadow. It was just that she hid it very well.

Seeing her friend lost in her thoughts, Ruan Xiang Ping stood firm in her belief that Xin Lian still thought about her old lover.

“Hehe, my guess was right, you still love him.”

Tang Xin Lian rolled her eyes and embarrassedly refuted. “Love or not, this matter is all in the past.”

Perhaps first loves were always unforgettable. Towards her first man, a woman would always remember it deeply. As her first love, it was normal to think of him.

“Oh you… What your heart is thinking is already written on your face, and you still want to be stubborn in front of your fellow classmate? Even if it’s not for yourself, you should think about Cheng Cheng.”

Tang Xin Lian didn’t reply. Her eyes became misty as she turned her gaze to Cheng Cheng, who was running around in the garden.

Ruan Xiang Ping felt that even though Xin Lian didn’t admit it, she also hadn’t denied it. Xiang Ping had always felt that it was a pity if this golden couple didn’t get together.

Even though the guy made a mistake, which youngster wasn’t impulsive? No one was perfect, and who knows if these two people will rekindle their love or not.

Ruan Xiang Ping resolved herself to become a matchmaker so she could let these lovers reunite. In reality, she had kept a secret from Xin Lian. It was Bai Shu Li that personally came to her to ask about Xin Lian, and wanted her to pull some strings.

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HDW (After) Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

“Mommy, it’s so big! There are so many trees! It’s so pretty!” Cheng Cheng’s excitement caused Tang Xin Lian to smile. Taiwan was densely populated and had limited space, but coming here, not only was there a vast horizon, the green scenery was enough to cause the confusion in one’s heart to dissipate.

“Take care not to bump into auntie’s furniture.” She warned her son as he ran around like a wild animal.

“Haha, no problem, no problem. Run as much as you want. With a child here, my place is more lively.”

Ruan Xiang Ping lived by herself. She became independent after she graduated college, and since she found work in America, she bought this house in the suburbs.

“I’ll have to trouble you for a while.”

“Why are you being so polite with me? You coming to keep me company makes me very happy! There are 3 rooms you can choose from, and for dinner, I’ll pan-fry some steak!
Ruan Xiang Ping took Tang Xin Lian’s hand and brought her around the house.

Tang Xin Lian didn’t tell her best friend that she came in order to hide from Zhong Zhen Dong. She knew her son was fond of Zhong Zhen Dong, so she decided not to tell her son about this matter either. Not only did she not want to worry Xiang Ping, she also wanted to let her son continue to have a good image of Zhong Zhen Dong.

When all was said and done, from all the men she’d met, there wasn’t a single good role model. This caused her son to also have a bad impression of other adult males, not including Zhong Zhen Dong.

Fortunately, Zhong Zhen Dong didn’t act strangely in front of her son. But she believed that if she allowed more time to pass, Zhong Zhen Dong would reveal his true colors.

She already had enough of violence and two-faced men. Just Yuan Jun Hao alone had already made her suffer so much, so let’s not mention Zhong Zhen Dong who surpassed Yuan Jun Hao.

At least Yuan Jun Hao’s violent and bad temperament weren’t hidden deeply. On the other hand, Zhong Zhen Dong who acted like a gentlemen in front of her, so warm and gentle, did such a scary thing behind her back. In addition, he also installed surveillance cameras. It was just too awful.

That was why she escaped the country with her son without the slightest hesitation. She had to temporarily get away and properly think about her future.

“What are you thinking about that you’re so lost in thought? It can’t be about a man right?” Ruan Xiang Ping joked as she placed a plate of sliced fruit onto the table.

Tang Xin Lian shook her head. “How is that possible? You should already know that I don’t want a boyfriend and that I don’t intend on getting married.”

“You’re still young, it’s still too early to say those things. I know the men you met in the past weren’t great and caused you to lose hope, but there are still decent men on this planet.”

“I know. I know there are good ones out there, but astute women would have probably already snatched them away. Even if there are a few that remain, I still wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between good and bad.”

Ruan Xiang Ping nodded. “That’s true. As your high school classmate, I can testify that regarding men, you definitely have problems.”

Tang Xin Lian sighed. “That’s why I don’t want to ask for any more problems.”

Hearing the hopelessness in her best friend’s voice, Ruan Xiang Ping held her friend’s hand and asked, “You’re still in love with that person right?”

Tang Xin Lian was shocked. She didn’t expect Xiang Ping to mention that person. Xin Lian couldn’t help but lower her head and play dumb.

“Whom are you referring to?”

“Bai Shu Li, Cheng Cheng’s biological father.”

At the mention of Bai Shu Li, Tang Xin Lian’s heart clenched.

“I’m not.” She denied it.

“Really? If you’re not, why did you adopt Cheng Cheng?”

“That’s because Cheng Cheng is my older sister’s child.” Tang Xin Lian casually said.

Ruan Xiang Ping wasn’t fooled. Back then, her best friend and Bai Shu Li were in a serious relationship, and she was the only one that knew.

“Give me a break, you’re even hiding it from me? It’s not like I’ll laugh at you, I know you really loved him. If he and your older sister weren’t together, you guys would be considered an ideal couple, a match made in heaven.”

Ruan Xiang Ping couldn’t help but sigh for her friend. She remembered when they were in high school, Tang Xin Lian was considered the prettiest girl in school and a goddess in the male students’ minds. Senior Bai Shu Li was also a well-known figure. He was tall and handsome, the best in class, and also good at sports. In this way, he was a bright student that became the object of adoration from all the female students.

Ruan Xiang Ping’s reminder caused Tang Xin Lian to recall all the deep memories she kept in her heart.

Bai Shu Li. He was probably someone she would never forget in her lifetime. During her life’s most beautiful and simple years, she met Bai Shu Li and had a pure, romantic relationship with him. At that time, they were really happy.

Whether it was playing ball, studying, or dating, they were always together.

Bai Shu Li was her first love. She really loved him, so much so that she secretly vowed in her heart to only marry Bai Shu Li in this lifetime. She wanted to become his wife so she could cook and take care of him her whole life.

Unfortunately, this love became tainted.

He bedded her older sister, and she stepped back, turned around and walked away.

She wasn’t a confrontational woman. When she found herself in a love triangle, she decided she’d rather leave and let her heart break, then accept a deteriorated love.

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HDW (After) Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

After an 11-hour flight, they finally arrived at the airport in San Francisco, California.

“Xin Lian!” At the exit of the terminal, Ruan Xiang Ping enthusiastically waved at them.

Seeing a close friend she hadn’t met for so long, Tang Xin Lian was also very excited. She hurried forward and embraced Ruan Xing Ping in a hug.

At this moment, Xiang Ping’s warm smile and hug made Tang Xin Lian relax a little.

When she took her son and escaped the country via airplane, her frame of mind was heavy and restless. But now that she was receiving the welcome of an old friend, she considered this very important.

She thought to herself that it was right to have come here.

Not only was Ruan Xiang Ping a close friend, she was also a good sister that was even closer to her than her own relatives.

“Hey! Who’s this handsome little guy?” Ruan Xiang Ping faced Cheng Cheng and winked.

“Hello auntie Xiang Ping, my name is Tang Jing Cheng, but auntie can call me Cheng Cheng.” Cheng Cheng sweetly said.

A good friend of his mom’s was a good auntie to him. Moreover, they had to trouble auntie for a while during this visit. While on the plane, his mom had warned him early on to be courteous. In order to not humiliate his mom, he immediately displayed a young, gentlemanly appearance. He made a small bow as he greeted auntie, causing Xiang Ping to giggle.

“Hello Cheng Cheng, your mother and I are good sisters, so her son is my son.” Ruan Xiang Ping also curtsied in return.

The clever Cheng Cheng immediately replied, “Xiang Ping-mama!”

“Good son!” Ruan Xiang Ping hugged Cheng Cheng and picked him up as she lovingly placed a kiss on his cheek. Before she forgot, she said to Tang Xin Lian, “Very good! This youngster has a bright future. He’ll definitely grow up to be a lady-killer! I’m already charmed by him!”

The three of them laughed loudly in the airport. Even though Xin Lian and her son came to a foreign place, there was a close friend here, which alleviated Xin Lian’s tenseness from leaving her home country.

Tang Xin Lian held her son’s hand and followed Ruan Xiang Ping to a car parked outside. Someone else also following them. Tang Xin Lian had no idea that as she left the airport and was on the road, there would be a car following behind her.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A Chinese-American cop dressed in plain clothes snapped a few pictures of Ruan Xiang Ping and sent them back to the office. After a few minutes, her social security number, address, place of work, profession, the number of people in her house, when she moved to the United States, and other relevant information were transmitted to Zhong Zhen Dong’s cell phone.

Looking at the picture on his screen, Zhong Zhen Dong slowly smiled. “So the little white rabbit sought out a woman, which is still considered pardonable. If it was a man, I’d have had to properly reteach you.”

From the picture, he saw a young woman smile happily. So it turns out she was very happy after running away, and not even a little bit reluctant to leave him? Did she not consider that her leaving without saying anything would make him feel broken-hearted? She was truly a woman with no conscience. He wasted his breath worrying about her, even thinking she was kidnapped.

Just wait until he caught her. He had to properly investigate this matter, by torturing her in bed, and ask her why she left.

“Prepare my plane, I’ll be there in half an hour.” After Zhong Zhen Dong dialed a number and explained what he needed, he put on his sunglasses and stepped on the accelerator in his car.

Half an hour later, he reached an office in the suburbs. His beautiful female secretary already prepared his luggage, and his personal jet was also fueled, waiting on the wide meadow.

Zhong Zhen Dong got out of the car and tossed his keys to a subordinate. He took the luggage from his secretary, and as he walked to his jet, his secretary reported a few important matters to him.

“Andy hopes you’ll attend his daughter’s birthday party tomorrow so he can discuss about political and military matters with you privately.”

“Tell him I have important matters to take care of, and send Nick to attend on my behalf.”

“Suo Da Technology’s chairmen called and wants to invite you for coffee.”

“Looks like he has some new products, when?”

“He said whenever you want.”

“Then next Tuesday.”

“Miss Lydia called three times, do you wish to return her calls?”

“No need, buy a diamond necklace for her and just say I’m busy.”


After the matters were handled, he got on his private jet. The plane had everything one could need prepared, just like a small-scale luxurious lounge. The chief pilot and crew were already on standby, waiting for his command.

“To San Francisco.”

“Yes boss.”

As the jet’s door closed, Zhong Zhen Dong closed his eyes to rest as he sat on the leather sofa. Aware of Zhong Zhen Dong’s preferences, his team immediately dimmed the lighting to give their boss the most comfortable environment.

Not long after, the plane took off and headed towards San Francisco.

Tang Xin Lian didn’t know that after a few hours, she would have to face the biggest scare of her life.

Ruan Xiang Ping drove them to her house, which was located in the suburbs. The United States was so big that every house in the neighborhood was separated by some distance, and each family also had their own garden.

Since it was his first time coming to America, Cheng Cheng was curious and excited. Kids loved to play, and after arriving at auntie Xiang Ping’s house, he cheerfully jumped up and down.

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HDW (After) Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

“You’re sure?”

“Of course.” He already disposed of all the men who attempted to get close to the little white rabbit. Furthermore, the little white rabbit’s life was pure and simple. She herself disliked men and thought they were troublesome, so how could she have someone she liked?

Zhong Zhen Dong was used to being in control of everything. He had the ability to dominate in wealth and power, so let alone a simple and easy to deceive little girl. It never occurred to him that he wouldn’t be able to control the little white rabbit since everything went according to his plans.

The amorous feelings he had for Tang Xin Lian was unprecedented. He thought that he treated her very well; giving her a mansion to live in, an unlimited credit card to use, and even an exclusive chauffeur.

Under his protection, other men wouldn’t harass her. Even when he made love to her, besides the initial venting of feelings, he would put her experience and feelings as his priority. After she reached the peak of ecstasy, it would then be his turn to enjoy it.

He treated her so well, but how could she take advantage of him while he left to go on a business trip and subsequently leave him?

Other than feeling the situation was very inconceivable, Zhong Zhen Dong was also vexed because he felt a sense of betrayal. After the little white rabbit received so many benefits from him, she suddenly ran away.

“I assure you she doesn’t have anyone.”

Anna gave a charming smile and composedly said, “Sometimes, women will hide their love deep in their hearts, so deep that others wouldn’t be able to see it.”

Zhong Zhen Dong immediately rejected the idea. “Impossible, are there any other reasons?”

“Well… If she doesn’t like someone else, then it was probably involuntary. For example, someone kidnapped her.”

Zhong Zhen Dong’s heart lurched. Thinking back to how easily the little white rabbit encountered bad people and attracted crude men, he couldn’t help but worry. His eyebrows furrowed as he lowered his head in contemplation. The chauffeur said that he personally saw them enter the apartment building, and that the area around it was decent. Public security wasn’t an issue, and the building also had security guards. In such a short distance and time period, the possibility of abduction was very low.

“Apart from these two scenarios, is there anything else?”

“If it’s not these two, then the only remaining possibility is that the woman didn’t voluntarily follow the man in the first place. Everyday, she would cope by feigning civility, and once she finds an opportunity, she’ll hurriedly leave.”

The reason why Anna put forth the third hypothesis was because after following the boss for so many years, she understood his personality. Zhong Zhen Dong appeared warm and gentlemanly, refined and courteous, but to become a powerful arms dealer, craftiness and deviousness were essential.

Underneath Zhong Zhen Dong’s handsome exterior, was a shrewd man capable of committing all manner of crimes to achieve his goal. There was no woman he couldn’t have. Even until now, she hadn’t seen a woman escape his charms. But maybe there really was such a woman, an exception, that was completely immune to his temptations.

Sure enough, after she proposed her third conjecture, she saw her boss consider it. Could it be that this new lover became the boss’s woman under unwilling circumstances? If so, then that would be extremely amusing.

“Okay, you can go now.”

“Yes boss.”

After Anna withdrew from the office, Zhong Zhen Dong sat in his chair and pondered over the matter while tapping his finger against the desk. He was aware that the little white rabbit wasn’t in love with him; otherwise he wouldn’t have had to use such means to get her to throw herself into his arms.

He had always believed that as long as there was time, the little white rabbit would sooner or later be unable to leave him because familiarity bred fondness, and what woman would reject a handsome, wealthy man who was capable of providing such a generous livelihood?

He not only satisfied her materialistic needs, he also satiated her needs in bed.

In any case, he had to figure out what happened. If it really happened according to what Anna said, that she ran away voluntarily… Zhong Zhen Dong’s eyes narrowed. No matter where she was on this Earth, he had to get her back.

After he found out that the little white rabbit was missing, he immediately sent people to find her whereabouts.

With the development of modern science and technology, this generation could rely on the internet to do anything. As long as the person wasn’t dead, investigating a person wasn’t a problem. Sure enough, within a few hours, he received the news.

Within the emigration records, her and her son’s English names were found, and their destination was California, U.S.

This time, Zhong Zhen Dong was certain his woman chose to run away. Moreover, she escaped to another country!

Humph! America? Zhong Zhen Dong felt it was laughable. The United States was his mother country. He quickly gave the California police department a call, and sent them a picture of Tang Xin Lian and her son.

Tang Xin Lian couldn’t have possibly known that without even landing at her destination, there would already be someone waiting for her.

As Tang Xin Lian and Cheng Cheng sat in their seats aboard the plane, Cheng Cheng was extremely thrilled because it was his first time on an airplane.

“Mommy, how long are we staying in the U.S.?”

“At least 3 months.”

“Then what about school?”

Tang Xin Lian laughed bitterly in her heart. In order to escape Zhong Zhen Dong, Cheng Cheng had no choice but to suspend schoolwork and flee with her to America to seek refuge from a close friend from high school.

While they were in high school, she and Ruan Xiang Ping were best friends. After graduation, Xiang Ping was sent to study at a college in the U.S. by her parents.

Although they were separated, they had always kept in touch. Within Xiang Ping’s emails were several invites for her visit. She really hoped Xin Lian would bring her son with her to play in the states. Tang Xin Lian never found the time to go, but she didn’t think that the first time she brought her son out of the country, it would be for the purpose of seeking refuge.

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HDW (After) Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Three days after Zhong Zhen Dong left the country, he received a phone call from the chauffeur. Subsequently, he found out that Tang Xin Lian was gone.

At that moment, he was at the headquarters in France, which was also one of his strongholds in Europe. As he was listening over the phone, the elegant smile on his handsome face suddenly turned cold.

“The person was doing fine, how did you lose sight of her?!”

He was currently in the middle of a conference with some talented people he hired, and the meeting was only halfway through when he received the long distance call.

After listening to the chauffeur finish his report, Zhong Zhen Dong stood up from his chair.

“What you’re saying is… she ran away?”

His complexion turned downcast. He raised his hand to signal the suspension of the meeting and held his cell phone as he walked away from the office.

Once the boss left, everyone immediately started to discuss what just happened.

“I wonder who ran away to make the boss so anxious.” Jack softly questioned. He was a Jewish person that was an expert at cracking codes, and was one of the regulars of Zhong Zhen Dong’s secret group.

“It was probably a client right?” said Anna. She was a British person who specialized in gathering information. She was also among the talented people Zhong Zhen Dong managed to snare.

“Do you think it’s a woman?”

“Don’t be absurd, it’s impossible. No woman would run away from boss’s side.”

“That isn’t necessarily true. While the boss was staying temporarily in Taiwan, it seems like he took a fancy to a woman.”

“Hey! Boss has a new lover? Then what about Lydia?”

“Obviously she lost favor. Boss has indulged her for a year, it should be about time he changed his preferences.”

“True, a year should be enough to break even. Boss gave her jewelry and a house. He also provided enough for her to eat, drink, and enjoy herself for a lifetime.”

A wealthy, powerful man supported a woman, while the beautiful woman profited from the rich man. This was like a law of the world.

The boss had many women, but none of them were fixed. There was only the favored, and how long they could remain that way.

The gossip between the boss and women, was only their topic for idle chat during their leisure time. They weren’t surprised the boss got a new lover; it would’ve only been strange if he didn’t.

Their team consisted of 12 members. They were people Zhong Zhen Dong gathered from the military and intelligence agencies of various countries. Because their boss stopped the meeting halfway to talk on the phone, they also paused. They suspended the movie playing on the TV. Above were live-feeds of arms dealers all over the world. There were also public and hidden figures, and representatives of the state as well as private organizations.

This was called, “to know yourself, is to know your enemy,” so one can emerge victorious in every battle. The weapons and ammunition business didn’t just depend on a mouth and a network, it also needed to control and seize the information and beneficial relations from each country. Every munitions center had the support of a secret team to help handle one’s affairs. Zhong Zhen Dong had gathered everyone precisely to discuss the arrest of the criminal who stole the American issued microchip.

After a while, the boss returned to the conference room. The members ceased their conversation while they stared at the boss.

Zhong Zhen Dong looked as awful as before. The meeting continued, but everyone felt that the mood was eerie. The reason was because the boss’s solemn and cold expression caused everyone’s nerves to tense up.

Was it possible that a woman really did run away from the boss? This was a truly rare occurrence; for a woman to dump the boss.

After the atmosphere settled down, Zhong Zhen Dong handed the microchip to Jack. He wanted everyone to investigate who stole and sold the microchip. This person might not be an arms dealer, but rather a desperate runaway who wanted money and not their life.

After the meeting was concluded, Zhong Zhen Dong waved Anna over. “Anna, come here.”

Anna had a gorgeous outward appearance, and a sexy body. Her beauty was undeniably top-notch.

However, what interested Zhong Zhen Dong wasn’t her beauty, but rather her intelligence and superb skills.

She walked into another office with her boss. She stood there as she waited for his command, but after watching the boss sit in his chair with his brows furrowed, it was evident that he had come across a big problem.

She patiently waited. Her boss didn’t utter a sound, so she also didn’t say anything. After waiting for a while, her boss finally started to speak.

“Let me ask you, suppose a wealthy man with a good build and appearance treated a woman very well by giving her a big house to stay in, and also didn’t mind that she had a son. In addition, he gave her an unlimited credit card for her usage, but this woman suddenly without saying anything ran away. What does this mean?”

Anna was stumped. Originally, when she saw her boss’s stern expression, she thought he was going to privately give her an assignment. Who would have imagined that the boss’s question was completely unrelated to intelligence?

The boss wanted to consult with her about an issue with women?

Seeing that the boss was serious, Anna suddenly understood. The boss really did have a new lover, and that new lover ran away!

She sat on the sofa and crossed her slender legs. Her posture was graceful and beautiful as her lips hooked into a charming smile. She then offered her professional speculation and analysis.

“If these attractive conditions aren’t enough to make her stay, it’s possible her heart has someone else.”

Zhong Zhen Dong immediately denied this conjecture. “I’ve checked, she doesn’t have a person she likes.”

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